Microsoft Calm About HD DVD Defeat

Microsoft comments on Xbox 360 HD DVD future, possibility of a Blu-ray Disc add-on

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Anego Montoya FTMFW5456d ago

the have no problem w/ f**kin people over. right?

Joey Gladstone5455d ago

It still amazes me how Microsoft can have incidents occur (discontinuing original Xbox, discontinuing HD-DVD add-ons, and such) and show no sympathy in any way for all of the loyalists who paid their hard earned dollars for their products, I guess thats just business, straight Cut-throat..
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Anego Montoya FTMFW5455d ago (Edited 5455d ago )

couldn`t be more true.

they actually DONT CARE!

it sad, but like you said IT`s BUSINESS.

if you go too cut throat(like MSFT), you`ll end up cutting your own throat (like MSFT).

MSFT is on their decline.

in alot of areas.

MSFTs name is NOT like it used to be.

Fishy Fingers5455d ago (Edited 5455d ago )

MS never really fully supported HD-DVD (luckily), i believe they did it purely just to be a thorn in Sonys side.

So the news of its defeat wont really effect them, apart from maybe pushing a few customers towards the PS3. But to be realistic, someone who was on the fence between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray wouldnt of bought a 360 for movies when there was much cheaper stand alone players out there.

The only big loose for them is the stock of HD-DVD add-ons they have sat in a warehouse somewhere.

marinelife95455d ago

I hope MS doesn't treat the 360 like they did the HD-DVD add on. I'm still not convinced that MS is in the gameconsole business for the long haul. Some of the moves they've made recently can be construed as an exit strategy.

Robbie Bach selling stock

Losing Bungie

Losing Bizarre

Canceling X07

Less than stellar 2008 lineup

Non existent 2009 lineup

Key executives leaving

They better make some big announcements at GDC this week. They need to reassure people they are willing to keep investing in what's been a difficult industry for them.

adalwolfe5455d ago

I don't think they are going to be jumping out of the console business. Their 2008 line up isn't bad you should take another look, in my opinion it is better then sony's.. however I do believe a new console will be launched somewhere around 2010, after all this is MS (they release new operating systems every 2-3 years). But 360 games will most likely be compatible on it, and it will be far superior then any current console, killing the ps3's precieved longevity.. for me honestly, i am used to upgrading my pc yearly.. having to upgrade a console once every 4-5 years for 400 bucks isn't a big deal.. and honestly.. makes sense.. i dont want to be playing the same old console 6+ years down the road like the ps2.. i'd buy a pc to play better games if it takes longer then 5 years for a new console to come out.. I am already tempted to get a pc and its only been 1 year...

ASSASSYN 36o5455d ago

Those add-on hddvd drives sitting in a warehouse are not an entire profit loss. On the technical side some of hddvd components are the same components used, and valued in blu-ray drives. Particulary, the blue laser diode that both formats utilize. Microsoft like any major company does recycle (some more than others) they will get money no matter what.

Joey Gladstone5455d ago

Microsoft and Defeat in the same sentence as they have a pretty good handle on all of their businesses and monopolies, but hey, I guess everybody has to try a slice of Humble Pie every now and then.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

JohnRico5455d ago

The only people that the HD-DVD defeat effects are the people that brought the add-on. But they are right in saying as a whole this does not & will not effect the XBOX 360 in any way

"The John Rico has Spoken"

Mikelarry5455d ago

about it cuz it wasnt integrated into the system. boy imagine if it had been. down down down the xbox would have fallen. lucky they didnt

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