Bungie's Destiny Story Details, Concept Art Leaked

Leaked materials provided to IGN by a reader have revealed story details and concept art from Destiny, Bungie’s follow-up to the Halo franchise. Bungie has confirmed to IGN that the document was prepared by an advertising agency and represents an outside look at Destiny’s plot, key values and more.

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wishingW3L3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

probably fake. Just compare these 2 pictures:


wwm0nkey3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

No if you read Bungie pretty much confirms its real, they even revealed an extra bit of concept art on their site.

NewMonday3723d ago

The story and art concept look amazing , hope it takes advantage of the gtx680.

Gazondaily3723d ago

The concept art looks amazing. It looks like a cross between Halo and Star Wars. The story already looks like amazing sci fi fare:

Last city on Earth. Why?
Alien Protectors
First contact?

I always love the whole premise behind first contact with aliens. Like in the original Halo, there was this sense of awe- what are these aliens? They look so unique with weird commanders and little funny grunts running around. Why is there a ring shaped planet? Imagine having that plus the back story on Earth itself.

Imagine if this is an MMO. Experiencing that world with your mates. The story I assume will gradually develop to introduce new races and we might have a Mass Effect type scenario where humans try to work their way into a sort of community of different alien species.

I wish this was cross platform. It's really about time we bridged the gap with gamers. The divide is superficial in such a technologically collected world.

Remember my promise. I GUARANTEE you- there will be space breasts. They might not be blue, but they will be there.

XB1_PS43723d ago

Dear lord, this looks incredible. I can't wait.

irepbtown3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

To me it looks like a mixture of Halo and Star Wars. Which is pretty awesome!

#Just read your comment Septic :D
I guess I'm not the only one thinking its a mix of Halo and Star Wars

BattleAxe3722d ago

This game has a Star Wars look to it.

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TryMe3723d ago

If they manage to make this game a fuse of star wars battle front, with big large scale battles on a epic scale, and a good narrative wrapped around it like halo than I will just die from gaming nirvana.

At first, I hated the concept of this being a mmo. But if it's a MMO lite, than I think i can live with it..barring no monthly subscriptions.

Kennytaur3723d ago

No, we should not hope for another Fuse! :-P

BlackKnight3722d ago

It sounds like an MMO in the sense of Planetside 2. Planetside 2 just feels like Battilefield with a map that is 16x the size of the largest battlefield map and has at most 2,000 players on one battlefield. I was impressed as hell with it. Even the graphics shares similar things that frostbite 2 and cryengine 3 have like realtime GI.

Anyways, Destiny sounds like Planetside 2 but with more freedom to change to other areas (planets) since you are exploring together in a skyrim way.

I actually am super excited except for the fact that activision has a contract with them. I just don't want any bad influences to come through like limiting gameplay to the lowest common denominator (X360/PS3) and having X720/PS3 and especially PC be held back/not fully utilized.

3723d ago
B-radical3722d ago

Good eye the person in both pictures are the same apart from helmet look at the gun near exact same

showtimefolks3722d ago

this is what i don't understand about Bungie, they leave MS because they wanted to own the IP and be like a 3rd party developer yet their first game is a xbox exclusive?

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wwm0nkey3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Geoff Keighley just tweeted this (related to Bungie's title for the Destiny Leaks)

Guess we know whats being revealed at the VGAs

FriedGoat3723d ago

I thought he was gonna unveil a new flavour of Doritos.

Majin-vegeta3723d ago

I like the concept but since it's a FPS i could careless they're just getting out of hand now.

liquidhalos3723d ago

Its couldn't care less dude. By saying you could care less is saying that you DO care with enough spare care hanging around to care less. Where as saying you couldn't care less means to say that you dont give a snot and you have no care in reserve

Hufandpuf3723d ago

PS3 gamers should be happy.

Luthar3723d ago

Why? The game is being built for PC and 360 first and then ported over to the PS3 a year later or so.

DeforMAKulizer3723d ago

The logo art that was leaked has the PS3 and 360 logo.

MrBeatdown3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

And you're basing that off a contract signed two and a half years ago.

I'm pretty sure both Bungie and Activision would be open to a simultaneous launch on both platforms. It's clearly intended to be multiplatform, so it makes sense to make it multiplatform from the start.

Being a Microsoft-only studio for years, it makes sense that Bungie would cover their ass, and not contractually obligate themselves to release a game on a platform they were unfamiliar with, especially on day one. But if they found a simultaneous release to be doable, I doubt Bobby Kotick is going to have a cow if it is on PS3 from the start. I'd expect Activision would be thrilled with the opportunity to help Bungie accomplish that.

DeadlyFire3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Two years ago some folks didn't suspect next generation consoles either.

I say primary platforms will be PC, PS4, XB3. Why PS4 version in 2014? Maybe PS4 doesn't launch until Mid 2014. While XB3 and PC get a version in 2013 at XB3 launch window. :)

VGA premiere or E3 showing should set it up for its real and final platform choices. I suspect Activision will be running non-stop to put it on every platform they can and beg Bungie to use the same game engine for 10 years, but I hope Bungie keeps up with tech and pushes forward the right way. :)

first1NFANTRY3723d ago

dude as of now DUST 514 is everything i could hope for and i don't see any halo type knockoff taking my attention from said game lol

Hufandpuf3723d ago

I'm sure there are others on the PS3 that would like to play a Bungie game besides you.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I never played a bungie game. Lets see what they are made of. This is basically there second game no? I mean second franchise.

Aloren3722d ago

Hmmm... no. At least their 5th franchise.

MasterCornholio3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I am pretty happy because that means that i will be able to play a game from Bungie without owning a 360.

Some people can´t accept that. This also reminds me of how people reacted when Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero and Rising were announced (which was already confirmed to be superior on the PS3 by the devs themselves so im not complaining) for the 360.

greenpowerz3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Who is making a big deal that this game might come to Playstation? Creating false equivalence that is reaching to sooth your shame of Metal Gear games is silly.

You speak of owning a 360 like disease and pretending to be able to finally play a Bungie game is comical. PS3 fanboys have bashed Bungie games. If you felt like this alk you had to do is buy a 360.

If it comes to PS3/4 it will be years later designed for PC and Xbox hardware.

MrBeatdown3722d ago


"Who is making a big deal that this game might come to Playstation?"

What? That's not even what Cornholio was talking about. Let's look at what he WAS talking about..

"i will be able to play a game from Bungie without owning a 360.

Some people can´t accept that."

And it's true. Just look at your own comment.

"IF it comes to PS3/4 it will be YEARS later designed for PC and Xbox hardware."

*Goes to article*
*Looks at image*
*Sees obvious PS3 logo*

It's not an "IF", it's a "when". Which brings me to my next point. You say it will be YEARS, but Bungie is contractually obligated to have it done a year after its 360 release, if they chose to do it.

So even after Bungie acknowledges the leak is legitimate, basically confirming it's going to be on PS3, you still act like it's a maybe, act like it's several years away, even though we have known for months that that isn't true, and you flat out assume it's not designed with PS3 in mind.

So yeah, I'm thinking he has a point.

otherZinc3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

This iteration is Exclusive to 360. The next gen XBOX & Playstation will have simultaneous launch of 2nd game.

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FPStealthRPGamer3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

They were hinting it on us since Halo:ODST...

spicelicka3723d ago

holy shittt!!!
Although it likely won't happen cuz microsoft owns halo, but would be awesome if HALO and DESTINY were connected somehow. Not in terms of gameplay or anything that would restrict it but maybe as a part of the hugeeee halo universe.

In halo, humans existed 100,000s of years before present time and were technologically superior. They didn't even know forerunners till later when they were de-evolved.

It would be cool if these were those humans in like 110,000 BC on a different planet having a war among themselves. And i mean if it's only related to halo in concept it's not infringing on anything.

liquidhalos3723d ago

Well spotted, ive played through ODST so many times and that never dawned on me