BBC News: Red ring of death returns at GDC 08

Microsoft wants consumers to believe that its problems with the Xbox 360 console in terms of hardware failure are over.

But wandering through the Game Developers Conference halls and it's clear that the problem persists.

On Microsoft's own stand at the show one of the demo consoles has a rather familiar problem - the red ring of death. There's no way of knowing if this particular console was manufactured before or after Microsoft identified the problems with the machines.

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permutated4172d ago

How humiliating.

I love my 360 but this is getting ridiculous. They obviously either don't know what's causing the problem or they don't care.

sonarus4172d ago

that is pretty humiliating indeed. The good news is it didnt happen during the presentation with an actual 360 so hardly anyone will notice. Nothing msoft can do now though they already gave out 3yr warranties all they can do is do their best to make sure future consoles are not inflicted with the same fault. That being said i have one of the older 360's 2 yrs now still standing but i am like ridiculously careful with it extremely paranoid the thing will die. I dnt use it for anything else but games and i always put it off and unplug it when i am done. However if msoft cant even take care of their own console what chance do i have.

004172d ago

it's the glass box it's stuffed in.

Megaton4172d ago

Ouch, very humiliating. This coming off the heels of not only the new 16% estimate, but Microsoft disputing that number as being too high. You'd think they'd have someone on standby to swap it out just as a precaution.

mikeslemonade4172d ago

And these demonstration units are usually newer and tested more and they still red ring. In some sense this sets up Microsoft's inevitable annoucement of the new 360 sku at GDC.

-EvoAnubis-4172d ago

They really just kinda "pwn'd" themselves. They REALLY need to start addressing this issue.

Martini4172d ago

The enclosure doesn't help but come on MS you are a bunch of noobs !! Nice egg in the face !

iMad4172d ago

You can easily get 3 red lights just by unplugging video cable.

3 red lights not equal toRRoD. Lame story.

CrazedFiend4172d ago



Then you would think that Microsoft of all people would know not to do that then.

But I still see the same thing in the display booths from time to time here in Japan (I use to take little cell phone videos, but never posted them). The only difference is that here they switch it out with a PS2 and keep playing the M$ videos.

No wonder nobody buys 'em here (@[email protected])...

Lifendz4172d ago

a recall should have occurred.

marionz4172d ago

is there a certain batch of consoles more likely to rrod then others?
because ive had mine sinse launch and never had a problem, it hardly gets hot at all and ive never had a failure, yet my friends one gets quite hot, his is newer then mine and has been repaired once although it never got the rrod ti just started locking up, another of my friends did get the rrod and his didnt last a year, but he did play his for 12 hour straight constantly, i play mine for 2 to 5 hours tops in a session, and i dont play it every day but ive still had no issues, i bought my mum a 360 and its now 14mths old, shes had no issues yet either
i dont understand how mine could outlast all my friends, maybe im lucky but if they were all made the same way back then then wouldnt they all be %100 faulty?

rofldings4172d ago


No, that's 4 red lights then.

solidt124172d ago

That's bad. and this is on BBC which gets alot of visibility across the world, and at GDC too.

killax35634171d ago

Their stuff always breaks. Its just what they do.

Mr PS34171d ago

Thats Cool !!!!

And thats all i gotta say about That !

MaximusPaynicus4171d ago

You know, if it had been Sony or Nintendo with this problem, it'd be embarrassing. But considering the history the Xbox 360 has had with the RRoD, this really doesn't shock me like it normally would.

Which is downright sad.

kalle4171d ago

Or maybe the 360 is a old one.

IntelligentAj4171d ago

Damn that's some embarrassing stuff.

Mattearl4171d ago

Thats some funny sh*t right there. A RROD at their own display area... seriously, that can't be good.

Push4171d ago

It probably is just not getting well ventilation..but what about the other consoles..why are they working fine? RRoD is horrible. This on the other hand is not good for MS. They really need to fix that if they stand to win this war. They went from this being a small launch issue to now everyone has either had it happend to them or know someone personally.

CrazedFiend4171d ago


No. It's just not a 100% failure rate, that's all. You're just not part of that 16-33%. Consider yourself lucky.

Bubble Buddy4171d ago

Yeah, MS should start to fix those. All they do is make refurbished ones..

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Anything but Cute4172d ago

Imagine that, the Red Ring happening at a terrible time. Like imagine it happening during an E3 presentation or something.

That would be too much.

marinelife94171d ago

To be honest. If I owned a 360 I would go ahead and make it red ring right before my three year warranty was up just to get a 360 with new parts.

Premonition4171d ago

The funny thing is it happend to the first xbox, when they were on stage showing off, i guess a new game and the blue screen of death popped up.

Cyrus3654172d ago

You would think msoft would have their own "Display" models retro fitted with like a water-cooled, aircondition'd 360 so it RROD won't ever result due to over-heating...

TheHater4172d ago

I already gotten the RROD once. And trust me, no gamer want to go through that.

OC_MurphysLaw4172d ago

Is due to the wide spread issues MS had with the console failure something like this gets totally jumped on by the press.

But reality is there are a couple of things that can cause that ring besides the console completely failing as I recall...and are easily fixed. But...because they had such a big problem nobody would (myself included) give that a second thought and will just assume its one of the 'bad' consoles.

ruibing4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

Yeah but I doubt anyone can find an article or video like this for the PS3 or Wii.

InMyOpinion4172d ago

I agree. The whole thing feels very exaggerated. But MS only have themselves to blame. They should have adressed it earlier, more properly. This tiny error might already have cost them this generations console war.

xXbebofisherXx4171d ago

if u want to see every system fail come to gamecrazy that i work at. our display wii has been sent in 14 times since launch. it always kicks the bucket in the middle of a demo for a customer. the ps3 we had fryed. my store smelled like butt cheecks for days. burnt chips isnt appealing. our 360 has died 3 times too. but that our own fault becuase our displays r on everyday for at least 13 hours. every console has failed, maynot be omg microsoft failure but electronics all fail. every last one of them becuase they r designed too.

ForTheFallen4171d ago

I have never heard of a PS3 "frying". I really don't think that's possible. Unless, like, the core/harddrive f'd up.

My friend's PS3's Blu-ray gave out after like 6 months.
Sent in. Got it back within a 2 weeks.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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