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Ninja Theory are one of the breakout developers this generation, having made some of the most memorable story driven titles this generation, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Ninja Theory looks to continue their winning streak with the release of DmC Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory and Capcom have released a demo of the new Devil may cry game on PlayStation Network to qualm concerns that some fans may have with the series taking on a more western approach. Can they deliver? And sate gamers worries?

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Hanso3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Vote with your Wallet people
im never buying this abomination


The gameplay in Dmc has seen refinement and is a tad bit easier. Launching for example in Devil May Cry 4 required players to hold down the R1 button and press triangle + the left stick in a direction opposite the enemy, now players simply need to hold down the circle button to launch enemies into the air. While this small change may open the series up to players who found the combat a bit too technical in past games, veterans of the series will notice it’s lessens the accuracy of combat because they aren’t locked on to their opponent.

Speaking of locking on DmC gets rid of the lock-on feature from DMC 4, this makes attacking the enemy you want too sloppier as player can’t really choose to focus on the enemy they want to when the A.I. crowds together. This lack of precision in the combat system is definitely a detriment in my book, and it’s omission baffles me as it seems it could have easily been implemented. I don’t k now why Ninja Theory has “dodge’ on both the R1 button and L1 button, hopefully they add the lock-on mechanism before release."

A tad bit easier?
no its stupid easy now Devil may noob the game

Hanso3773d ago

-The Devil Trigger is horrible. HORRIBLE.
-You can't dodge out of certain attacks because the game makes you sit through the whole animation before you can do anything.
-No lock on means the camera doesn't focus on a particular enemy so you're basically guessing most of the time when using things like your whip.
-No lock on also means that certain attacks that were once easy to do are now more difficult to perform AND theres less moves than before but they're spread over MORE buttons (WTF).
-No kick jump.
-Guns are essentially useless
-Certain enemies force you to be less creative with your combos by forcing you to use one weapon.
-Unskippable cutscenes.
-Bugs and glitchs that lead to your death. One glitch that happened to me was when the environment was trying to crush me and I was about to fall down a hole but I was able to jump out of it on time but the game counted it as me dying anyway for some reason.
-The game is easy as f***. Axe basically wrecks everything.
-Frame rate drops on several occasions.
-Enemies stand about waiting to be hit and there's barely any of them to begin with, even on the harder difficulties.

VileAndVicious3773d ago

Hey man cool to have your own thoughts and views on the game. But I have to disagree with you on the difficulty I dont think its "stupid easy" as you say. For one in the demo alone there are 4 difficulty settings the last unlockable one Son of Sparda mode....(is that what is what called again??) was pretty challenging IMO, enemies didnt just stand around looking at you. Not to mention that we dont know exactly where that levels fits into the story, Im pretty sure its one of the first so it shouldnt exactly be blistering hard. Plus apparently there will be two additional difficulty settings at launch.

I can appreciate them trying to make the game accessible to those that want it and a challenge to others. Because to be quite honest the sharp difficulty of DMC3 put a lot of people off back in the day (yes I own and have played all of the prior DMC games)

Also. yeah it really bothered me for about the first 20 minutes or so that there is no lock on capability, but after fighting in that silver area over and over again it actually wasnt that bad I was able to compensate for it very well in a short amount of time.

However the one thing that has really been bothering me about this reboot more than anything is the fact that NT has been very secretive about how players upgrade Dante and how this will effect gameplay. For some reason with this button layout and lack of a lock on button Im having a hard time wrapping my head around how they can add to his current move set and I will be pissed if they dont allow you to purchase new abilities.

thaking1553773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Played the demo, as I said before with watching the demos at E3 and other places and now getting the chance to play myself.... Not for me/It was terrible! Played so much different than previous games. What screws it up is the Angel/Demon controls. It's a good idea on paper but playing the demo, it just did not translate very well at all. The animation is Atrocious!!! Compared to other games this gen, this is not a pretty game. It reminds me of Heavenly Sword and its graphics (Reminder, HS was a PS3 launch title almost 6 yrs ago if that tells you anything)Agreeing with Hanso, it's too dumbed down and simplistic compared to DMC4 & DMC3.

Again like I said this game is not for me! Bring on Devil May Cry with the Original Dante and overall better controls!

thaking1553773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Yeah it's BUTTON MASHER (Key Words!) for people who are not good at games like this, the combinations are absolutly just like Heavenly Sword. No variation and no combos like a GOW or previous Devil May Cry titles. Like I said, Angel/Demon weapon modes screw the flow of the combat completely! Also well said the guns are basically useless.