Analyst: Final PS3 Production In Full Swing.

Analyst P.J. McNealy says that his research indicates that Sony is currently in the midst of final assembly on its PlayStation 3 hardware and he believes Sony can ship 2 million worldwide this year.

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bilal5908d ago

it would have been more credible if paris hilton said that.....
these analysts and their research is to die for....

Captain Tuttle5908d ago

My wife is a stock analyst (retail stocks) and you can't imagine the access they have to information.They just don't get it of off internet rumour mills.

Sphinx5908d ago

...I mean, I don't plan to get one (this year or next), but it sure will be nice to see the wait over! I would like to think that somehow, after launch, there will be harmony in the videogame world... but that is highly improbable.

AuburnTiger5908d ago

This is like the 15th time this type of article has come up. My guess is, it probably takes 1 month to make 500,000 ps3's.

HyperBear5908d ago

Cause when you think about it, if a company like Sony hasnt started production on their new console, the PS3, by now, then they are really screwed. So production being in full swing now, is good and it should already be in full swing, cause like i said, if they arent, then Sony has a lot of explaining to do, and there could be a possible delay again. But hopefully that doesnt happen and i cant wait to play RFOM and Motorstorm on Launch Day for the PS3. Cant Wait.

USMChardcharger5908d ago

i don't see how full production is just now in full swing and be able to launch in a few weeks.

just seems you need more time than this to accomplish all the goals that need to be meet for a console launch.

but hey, i just play the what do i know.

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