PlayStation Plus: Is it worth it?

If you are a PlayStation lover like myself (I’m not a fan boy just a lover!) then YES it is worth it. I’ll put that another way. If you own just a PlayStation or you own multiple systems BUT you play your PS3 more than any other one OR you have Both the Ps3 and Vita, PlayStation Plus is DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

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sinncross4107d ago

THe only problem is that you cant choose what games exactly. That said, I have been using this as a side avenue for getting games as I am glad. i got to try out game like Double Dragon Neon, Machinarium etc and I love it. For the pure reason of giving me more variety to my gaming, I find PS + worth it.

darthv724107d ago

it achieves what each membership service sets out to achieve. Once you are hooked, you cant give it up. Otherwise you lose out on all the perks.

So the idea is...dont give it up.

lodossrage4107d ago

I let my PS Plus lapse once. The loss of the plus symbol, the loss of a ton of game licenses,etc.

Needless to say, I was pissed for a day and I got it RIGHT BACK. And as advertised, I got all the stuff I downloaded right back.

But still....yeah, once you have it...giving it up kinda kills the psyche.

Temporary4107d ago

I got PS+ 3 months ago, instantly had over a dozen games to download, and saved money on DLC for some games i already had.

When it lapsed i immediately signed up for the year.

I like games.

Army_of_Darkness4107d ago

Psn+ definitely helps me save on purchasing new games and its that's a great thing since I'm tight on cash now, yet I'm still getting new full games to play every other week:-)

-Mika-4107d ago

In general, yes but right now. No.

Ryan_Hay4107d ago

That doesn't even make sense.

Griffin48714107d ago

It's an idiot, that's why.

JoySticksFTW4107d ago

Mika goes hard when she trolls.

Normally a champion troller, this one lacked originality and was too obvious though

Rating of 5/10, but only for the number of disagreers you hooked.

Hicken4107d ago

Mika, you're like josephayal, except you can write (generally) intelligible sentences.

Still, you rarely ever make sense. Every now and then, you say something that's spot on.

This isn't one of those times.

Outside_ofthe_Box4107d ago

You always have the jokes ready at hand don't ya?

4107d ago
PLAYER50954107d ago

i believe it is. just got music unlimited for 12bux and ive been using it everyday. good selection of music. been listening to alblums i havent heard. and im playing that puzzle game, pretty good

Rai4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

I got the plus when it came out I think 2 years ago or so and back then it wasn't worth it. Fast forward 2 years and I think its there. I got myself a vita on black friday and its nice to be able to get 1 game and have 5 free ones in the store.

I think any additions Sony plans on making for the PSN next generation should only be for Plus users, that way it can get more people into it, while keeping it free for online gaming.