Halo 4 lowest rated Halo game featuring Master Chief

For the first time in franchise history, a Halo game featuring Master Chief received an average score below 90. Any other game that scores higher than 85 is by no means a slouch but we can't be faulted for holding Microsoft's flagship franchise to a higher standard than the rest. There was plenty of concern over the future of Halo when 343 Industries took the reigns from Bungie, but all reports seem to indicate that 343 Industries did Halo proud.

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vishant1013289d ago

Hey guys i want you to do something for me go to metacritic and look at the reviews most of then are above 90 almost all are above 80 and there is one 20. the thing is metacritic has lost credibility it should omit out of place reviews that seem to not represent the universal point. because frankly halo 4 is not a 1 outta 5 game.

Abash3289d ago

Actually it is the large amount of 8s the game got from reviewers that dropped the metacritic below 90 to 87. One bad score cant be to blame as most big video game releases always get one really low score in their metacritic average

ALLWRONG3288d ago

That one score pulled it out of the 90's before all the other reviews came in.

Outside_ofthe_Box3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

True, but that 1 out 5 shouldn't even be there to begin with. That Tom Chick isn't a real gamer yet he is reviewing games and it ends up on metacritic.

iamnsuperman3287d ago

I agree it is a positive of using "the mean". Extreme values have little to no effect on the average (especially when there are 82 reviews in total)

DevilishSix3286d ago

Abash a 1/5 score would drop three 90 scores to 80, just like that. I have played Halo 4 and felt it was the best single player campaighn since the original, it was excellent, even GOTY quality IMHO. Regardless, the very low scores are unwarranted even if you hate the franchise, because it is loaded with content, the pinnacle in graphics on the 360, and extremely polished.

A 0/5 would be an unplayable game to me and a 1/5 should be reserved for a game that is basicly broken but playable. Halo 4 is FAR from broken.

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Chuk53289d ago

Examiner is a such a crappy site

B-radical3287d ago

I agree hmmm will they do an article on COD?

Black ops 2 (meta)
xbox 360- 83

xbox 360-88

Munky3287d ago

Reviews say one thing, gamers say another. Halo 4 is a damn fine game regardless.

B-radical3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yeah that 1 score would of hurt it there was also one that gave halo a 70 out of 100 the same one that gave wwe 13 a 90 or some shit

Fans are saying this is the best halo since combat evovled ba ba ba believe the hype yo

xCaptainAmazing3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

lowest rated maybe, but it's easily the best for me and many others. go figure.

and i was one of the one's screaming from rooftops that halo 1 would never be beaten. If anything, this game was underscored while everything else since 1, while they were great, were probably overscored.

Not by a lot or anything, but ya.

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