Toshiba announces press conferences, expected to end HD DVD

Japanese news website reports that Toshiba has scheduled a press conference for 5PM Tokyo time (12AM PST) on Tuesday.

According to the well-respected Nikkei financial newspaper (see Alternative Sources,) Toshiba will announce an immediate withdrawal from its HD DVD business. Toshiba will cease all development, production and sales of HD DVD players -- effective immediately.

Toshiba president Atsutoshi Nishida would make the announcement, the Japanese newspaper said.

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gamesblow4835d ago

Pour one for our homie...

akaFullMetal4835d ago

u must mean homies, everybody who bougth hd-dvd is going to be disappointed, we should all hold a moment of silence for hd-dvd.

ChefDejon4835d ago

is that in 2 hours eastren time

pwnsause4835d ago

announcement at 3am EST. i'll stay up for that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4835d ago

I got school tmr, ( Waterloo math contest as well) SO its either all-nighter or I don't see this. I guess I will pull all-nighter since this would be a very nice bit of info on my technology essay (about advancements in media tech, that is)

mikeslemonade4835d ago

Yep this calls for a celebration. All those Bladestar, Power of Green, and Bloodmask theories were wrong, and yet two of the three still continue to post more theories about how 360 will be the best and sell the most.

OmegaKulu4835d ago

Could this be it? The final moment? Hope we can finally watch all the movies on one single format.

xplosneer4835d ago

Above: you disagree with each other. Which is it?

grashopper4835d ago

12:00AM Pacific 3:00AM Eastern if your in a unimportant area in the middle you have to figure it out :)

Tru_Blu4835d ago

2 AM Central, that other one is the unimportant one.

aiphanes4835d ago

That right Texas is the center of the world and its in Central Time!

pwnsause4835d ago

lol what do you mean unimportant NYC FTW!

bosels114835d ago

Hey 4.3 and 4.6 - thats right 3rd times a charm TEXAS!

deeznuts4835d ago

I am from California but I lol'd. I actually really like texas. Big steaks, BBQ what's not to like? I get my bbq rub from there for my ribs and briskets.

Foxx774835d ago

That unimportant time zone known as Mountain Time where I'm at ... hooray! ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.