Crackdown - Action Packed Gameplay

Blast baddies, throw cars, and smash your way through a free-roaming environment.

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Sphinx5903d ago

I am looking forward to this game more than I am to GOW.

likeaboss3025903d ago

This game looks better then Saints Row along with a sweet framerate. Nice to see the longer developers have with the 360 the better things get!

ZaaJai5903d ago

this game is going to be awesome and a nice alternative to the GTA series. The longer the developers have, the more potential a game has, for sure. I will pick this one up.

TR0N5903d ago

The graphics are just OK but it looks like it will be a very fun game and thats what its all about, "fun".

beans5903d ago

Actually I think the graphics look pretty damn impressive for cel-shading!

wiggles6665903d ago

I actually am looking forward to this game now, but why have they not fixed the running animations yet? It doesn't look like his feet are attached to the ground at all, and when he's strafing his feet still seem to be using the same animation as when he's running forward.

Sphinx5903d ago

...but now with a Feb 07 release, they should get that fixed... hopefully.