How does Wii U First Week Sales Compare to Other Consoles?

Michael De Sua:

In an interview with CNET, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that the Nintendo Wii U sold upwards of 400,000 units during its launch week and that it is pretty much entirely sold out of retail. This must be promising news for Nintendo as they have sold everything they produced for the first week, but how does this compare to the first week sales of other consoles in North America?

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mrbojingles2245d ago

It sold out of stock and people are comparing it. Why compare it? If it's sold out then it shouldn't be compared to anything else since it can't exceed X amount of units sold due to, y'know selling out.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

It's better to compare to wii.

@below ok dude don't be so hurt. I am sorry I said that... WiiU for give me?

mrbojingles2245d ago

Why compare it? It's sold out. If it's sold out than there is no logical way for it to match other console's sales.

Welshy2244d ago

People REALLY think these devices, or any major device for that matter, genuinely has no stock on release? Give me a break, they have freeking TONNES of them and say they are "sold out" or deliver in waves to keep demand high, where is the rush if Nintendo said "Chill guys! we made 10 million of them!"...

Here's the perfect video to show my point

2244d ago
darthv722244d ago

It is sold out in some places and in stock in others. It depends on where you are. I think we can agree on that.

A comparison to other platforms, not really a viable way to gauge its success. I mean we could use another example of the ps3 vs the ps2.

Neither are correct comparatives but regardless of the comparison...the unit has sold and will continue to do so to those that are wanting one.

mrbojingles2243d ago

That statement came across as "hurt" to you?

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Captain Qwark 92245d ago

well to be fair, every console sells out of stock on a regular basis for the first 3-6 months typically. no point in comparing until its first year on the market has finished

keabrown792244d ago

The problem is that it "isn't" sold out of stock.. Right now I can drive to Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys'r'us and buy one. I live downtown Indianapolis

auragenz2244d ago Show
rainslacker2244d ago

It isn't sold out here either, and I live in outside Raleigh, NC. There's plenty of people here with money and not enough stuff to spend it on.

lodossrage2244d ago

THAT comment was extremely uncalled for.

It never ceases to amaze me how people here resort to personal attacks when others don't share their opinions.

tonywood2244d ago

True...I walked into a gamestop in new jersey and got a deluxe u with no problem. Also, they have 4 other deluxe and 12 white systems.

jbgamer2244d ago

I live in Indianapolis and i have not seen any. I went to wal mart saw 1 wii u, came back 30 mins it was gone so sir I am calling you out i live in downtown indianapolis show me the proof. All of you.

OSIRUSSS2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Really? I live in Indy too I know Target on W38th is sold out. JB no one lives in Downtown Indy LOL

keabrown792243d ago

I live up on 79th and Michigan near Pike High School. I bought mine the day it came out and I love it but that doesn't change the fact that yesterday the wal-mart on 86th had a basic, the target on Michigan had 1 basic and 1 deluxe and Toy's R Us in near castleton square mall had a couple as well. Like I said.. I love the system. No the stores are not overfilled with stock but that's on Nintendo. They are the king of artificial shortages after all. In any case I need me some ZombiU friends, especially if your from indy lol

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showtimefolks2244d ago

all i know is bunch are being sold on ebay for regular price. so while it did sell out in stores like all nintendo consoles, its not as big as people who wanted to buy than make 2-3 times more


this is age on internet everything will be compared to something else deal with it. compare wii-u sales to ps3,xbox360 IMO since there is not ps4 or xbox720 yet.

punisher992244d ago

According to the people who are hitting the agree/disagree buttons. You are wrong. lol

lilbrat232244d ago

The system seems like it sold out because Nintendo things they are slick. Many sores only got 5-10 consoles in stock. My local best buy only got 5 systems. So yeah it seems like they sold out to make uneducated consumers want it even more.

kupomogli2244d ago

It's not sold out, though. I was at Walmart yesterday, Sunday, two days after the biggest sales day of the year, and there were Wii Us available. Atleast one of each model.

Reggie wants people to think it's sold out and it's so difficult to get their hands on one so as soon as they see one they'll buy it. People always want something that's desirable, but him saying it's sold out is a lie.

Checking right now, the 32GB model is showing available in all 13 stores in a range of 50 miles from my zip code.

oONinjavitiSOo2244d ago

Nintendo did the same thing with the wii. Sending out limited amounts to stores trying to build hype. It worked for the wii will it work for the wiiu?

Bobby Kotex2244d ago

It's not sold out, but it is marked up online for the suckers who want one.

geddesmond2244d ago

News flash, all consols launch with so called limited stock and sell out so whats your point exactly.

Megaton2244d ago

Selling out isn't a measure of anything other than how few units Nintendo shipped.

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abzdine2245d ago

i hope PS4 will be priced like Wii U from day one because i'm not ready to pay 600€ like i did in 07.

Cupid_Viper_32245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I hear you on that, but that's also the reason why sony continues to provide support for their older consoles.

I don't want the PS4 to only be a slight upgrade from the PS3. I want something that is substantially better than the PS3, so if it has to be $600.00 so be it. The people who can't afford it will stick with their PS3/Xbox360/PSVita/Wii U until they can afford it.

linkratos2244d ago

Ideally this would be great, but I don't think Sony can afford to let most people stay with their old consoles for too long. And they can't really sell for a huge loss again. I'm actually not sure what they're gonna do. i don't see what's so bad about a not so big upgrade, if it can end with the type of library the PS2 had that would be a much bigger success in my eyes than the PS3.

ZombieNinjaPanda2244d ago

What an inane comment. Having a 600 dollar console again would ruin Sony. It almost killed them with the PS3 and you want another one? That's crazy talk.

I bought a Ps3 day one. 600 dollars for the console was too much.

millzy1022244d ago

the only way for ps4 to be substantialy be better than ps3 is top the line pc components and that is not happening. people forget what console gaming is intended for, a cheap entry level into gaming for those who can't afford gaming PC's this is what consoles where invented for. if consoles cost more than 400 there's no value in them and your better of saving up a couple more hundred and getting a mid range pc and upgrade in few years. pc always out performs consoles and that is the end of it

torchic2244d ago

I honestly think $450 for a base model.

Heavenly King2244d ago

$450 would be the premium model. I think XD

deletingthis346753342245d ago

I doubt the PS4 will be priced anywhere under 400 especially if the hardware will be a significant improvement over the Wii U. Sony MIGHT release a higher end model with a bigger hard drive and more features for another hundred dollars. I think Sony will price their console competitively with MS more than they would Nintendo given the Wii U will no doubt be the weakest console of this new generation.

LOGICWINS2245d ago

Sony will wait for hardware parts to become cheaper so that they don't have to launch at an outrageous price. Anything over $400 for gaming console these days is crazy.

lilbroRx2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I'll never understand the logic behind people who respond to news about a given console only to talk about a different one.

Unless you want the PS3 to have around the same performance as the Wii U then it is going to be a good few hundred dollars higher.

zebramocha2245d ago

Sony could put a radeon 7770 gpu in the ps4 it cost 130 and runs bf3 @1080p to 30-40 fps on ultra and the ps4 is rumored to include an apu that probably could help the gpu.

evilbart2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

But by the time you buy an external hard drive and wii motes pro controller etc which are essentially needed for the full expeirience it's close to €600 anyway just saying

1upgamer992244d ago

The only thing I had to buy was pro-controller. I already had 3 Wii Remote plus controllers. And an extra hard drive. Any Hard Drive under 3 terabytes will work. You can pick up a Terabyte Hard drive for $99 on EBay and just be done with it. Instead of spending $50 on a 250MB hard drive for Xbox360.

Deku-Johnny2244d ago

If the PS4 is as stupidly more powerful than the Wii U as a lot of people think it will be it'll have to be at least twice as pricey.

Qrphe2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

I hope all of you realize the only reason why the PS3 was SO expensive was due to the blu-ray drive.

And btw, there was a $500 PS3 model just like there was a $300 360. And both had high-end GPUs.

tonywood2244d ago

I think ps4 will be $399 for one model...and $449 for another. They won't make the same mistake twice. Also, making the ps3 more efficiently will should help with ps4. (I love everything from old to new)

jbgamer2244d ago

Yeah i did not like how sony did that to their loyal fans. But the fans a lot of them want the PS4 to perform like a super computer, and if it did it would be $600 again so i think sony should just release it, and not price it too high.

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dark-hollow2245d ago

We can't predict how the Wii u will be doing in the future from these numbers alone.

The gamcube in the first week sold 500000 unit in the first week but it lifetime sales were very miserable.

The ps3/Xbox 360 sold about 400000 unit in the first week and both going strong over the 70 million mark.

iamnsuperman2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I agree first week sales really do not show anything unless they are selling a few thousands or managed to produce millions and they sold them all. Its the first few monthly sales there after which is really telling. Apart from than it is a nice amount sold.

Grimhammer002245d ago

The desperation of buyers of the Wii who couldn't get one is nowhere to be found for the WiiU.

That's the point. And it's not sold out. That's lies. I can go right now to my local Walmart. Their right behind the glass.

Reggie says that wii sold 300k units first week...lies.
It was 600k. So WiiU is 200k behind.

Reggie says blops2 is better looking on the WiiU.
Lies....screen tearing, 8fps is single player, color saturation (subjective), AA.....looks no better than 360; and under performs big time compared to 360.

Deku-Johnny2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

It does look better on Wii U actually, the shading, lighting and textures are quite a bit better on it.

memots2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

So we are comparing turd with another turd now?

Look at where the peanut and the piece of corn on this one , check out how it sticks out on this one. I think i see a pixel on that one, and this one is way to brown...

linkratos2244d ago

Well it is sold out in some places. So it could have sold more, but there are also plenty of people who can't get their hands on one still. It seems to depend on your location.

KruLLit2244d ago

people are still bitching about graphics? Didn't people learn from the ps3 launch that it doesnt matter?

Sure, the graphic in those games were okay but holy shit they were bad!
If you want graphics get a PC...

younghavok2244d ago

On the Blops2 note it actually does look better on Wii U. This is coming from an avid CoD player on the 360. I own both versions is the Wii U is noticably better. And the sales thing is a gray area, he could just be talking about the US, or he could be talking about canada and mexico as well. Its easy to spin and not be wrong, its kind of a politician move

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DivineAssault 2245d ago

wii u will not be anywhere near as successful as wii.. It will prolly sell like N64 did

linkratos2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

There's a pretty huge gap between the sales of the Wii and N64. The PS3 and 360 were also not anywhere as successful as the Wii, but I would still wouldn't call those failures (well at least not the 360). I expect the Wii to sell around 70-80 mil lifetime.

jbgamer2244d ago

No it will sell a lot more then the N64 sorry just will, a lot more 3rd party support, and appeal to casual and hardcore gamers will make sure of that i mean when sony sold 150 million we all knew that those people would not dry up, so sorry the nearly 100 million people who bought a wii are not gonna go poof ok?