Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Microsoft, Sony need to react to us

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has some sharp words for Microsoft and Sony: you react to us, not the other way around. Speaking to CNET in a telephone interview today, Fils-Aime brushed off an assertion that the Wii U could be faced with irrelevancy issues if Microsoft and Sony launch their new consoles in the coming year, as expected.

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FunAndGun3771d ago

uh oh, Reggies' poppin' off again.

nukeitall3771d ago

Ironically, Nintendo reacted to MS when they introduced both XBL and the idea of entertainment apps.

Wii has Nintendo Network and support for Youtube, Netflix and so on now.

That said, MS/Sony would be idiots not to react to Nintendo.

Does it matter anyhow?

Blastoise3771d ago

It's just a bit of healthy competition. He's just bigging up his console like he's supposed to.

Look at his face, look at his stupid face. He means no harm

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33771d ago

They reacted to MS for sure and they did it with flying colors, lol. You can now control your television and your television services with gaming console. I'm sure this is something MS wanted to do and even Sony, but it's just Nintendo beat them to the puch and I'm sure newer hardware was the only way to do it.

Donnieboi3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Xbox Live did not create online gaming. Seriously, where u been all these years--under a rock?

PC & Dreamcast says hi

Peppino73771d ago

Well its not like he's technically wrong. Each company somehow reacts to the other competitors.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33771d ago

Donnieboi, where did anyone say that? Stop trolling.

lilbroRx3771d ago

That is not a reaction. At least not to MS. Last I checked, apps were an asset of smart phones and Nintendo has been using them since the DSi.

Nintendo already had a network back with the GC. It was only used for one game series at that time though. They used it more for the DS and even more than that for the Wii.

Jaces3771d ago

@Blastoise: "Look at his face, look at his stupid face. He means no harm"

Ugh, laughed so hard at that. Bubbles mate.

MultiConsoleGamer3771d ago

And Microsoft was merely following the trail blazed by Sega.

Also SFCBS and Xband.

daclynk3771d ago

why so it something he said that made you angry.LOL.
that aside i think its bit of healthy competition.he is just sticking up to the rivals(360/PS3) and is good for business and it means more harm.

only delusional people will take it serious.
Hardcore Gaming!!!

LOL.fanboys so lame and dump.

jmc88883771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Not entirely, I read an interview where they were talking about Mii's in the mid-nineties. Which of course isn't Youtube and Netflix, but really Microsoft was just copying the PC on those things, so I wouldn't exactly give them credit for it. Console wise sure, for doing it first, but it's just a different variation of the wheel. Same of course with online gaming via other consoles or PC's.

But I agree, they both react to each other, and it's for the better. Competition, while not the end all be all of progressing things, still is important and provides benefits.

Also while I'd love for the Kinect 2.0 to work,I'm not going to automatically believe that it will work because it has a 2 on the end. I'm sure it'll be better, but it could be better, still not good, because Kinect 1 is pretty horrible. But the hand manipulator looks like a good way to make it much better, and copy Sony's Move in application while getting around it's patents.

Plus the whole behind the scenes information grabbing of the kinect, well it is expanding with the Kinect 2, is pretty alarming. Personally I don't want my gametime to be free marketable data to whoever they want to sell it to...or asks for the information.

rainslacker3771d ago

I understand the need for PR and all that, but really...didn't Jack Tretton just wish Nintendo luck with their new console. Why is Nintendo trying to compete like this? Just do what you do Nintendo, don't get into a pissing contest with your competitors. It will just backfire on you.

Jazz41083771d ago

Pioneers with sea shells and string invented the telephone and Bell perfected it. Dreamcast and a few others started out online and ms perfected it.

pixelsword3771d ago

"Microsoft, Sony need to react to us"

They did:

They're called the 360 and PS3.

liquidhalos3771d ago


"It's just a bit of healthy competition. He's just bigging up his console like he's supposed to.

Look at his face, look at his stupid face. He means no harm"

Thats just the funniest thing Ive read in a while. Thanks for the laugh man, im stuck at home nursing broken ribs. I needed that to cheer me up. Everytime i see that picture of him my chest explodes with a painful, crippling yet strangely warming laughter, Thank you for that bud.

And thank you Reggie for that quality picture

Oh_Yeah3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

@Donnieboi.. Yeah,except Microsoft and Sega collaborated to make dreamcast.. Remember the little powered by Microsoft ce mark on the front of the dream cast? So technically Microsoft was the first along with Sega to bring online to console. Partially why I got a 360 was the resemblance to dreamcast, they even had some of their team working on it..

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Anon19743771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

"faster processors and pretty pictures won't be enough to motivate consumers"

It'll be enough to motivate gamers though. Nintendo hit it out of the park with the Wii, but rather at the expense of people who were playing games before.

As a gamer, I like innovation. I appreciate it when new things are tried but mostly what I want is the genres I already love, but better, and that's what will get me to sign up to the next gen. Not waving a controller through the air or sitting with a bulky, pad device in my lap.

But I'm a gamer. I'm not the casual that Nintendo was targeting with the Wii. I'm the guy who bought the Wii and said "Wtf? This looks like ass on my HDTV. Do I have to point this controller at the screen the entire time I'm playing? Why am I waving this around? Waggle is not the new button press."

Sure MS and Sony tried to appeal to casuals with their own motion control, but if Nintendo doesn't have to react to their competition, what's with the pro-gaming controller? Isn't that a step backwards, Reggie? Isn't that an admission that you lost the audience that Sony and Microsoft happily catered to, and you're trying to rectify that mistake? It's rather an arrogant statement to make considering that everyone is watching what everyone else is doing.

CalvinKlein3771d ago Show
Stroke6663771d ago

Not really the had a pad as well, the classic controller, so the addition of the po controller is nintendi following their own footsteps again not a response to anything other than the understanding that some people may want to play "normally". I too am a gamer and though admittedly nintendo did neglect certain genres last gen this gen they r making that up. Already the have ports for the so called hardcore. They r getting bagged on for their pots but the ports I believe r just to show the content they are willing to have and going to have on their console. I think a lot of people are setting themselves up for disappointment thinking ps360 will have a great increase in graphical capability. They will surpass their predecessors but certainly not vastly. With money being an issue for everyone more than likely msony will be reacting to nintendo.

Abdou233771d ago

You can't call yourself " Gamer " if you bash a major and successful company and don't accept innovations. Real gamer will find benefit in every platform.

lilbroRx3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

You ever hear of the classic controller? Its been there since the Wii released. The Pro controller is just the another redesign.

Its no more a response to any BS released by Microsoft and Sony than it was 6 years ago. Its just a Super Nintendo controller with functionality added from the Gamecube controller. Nintendo redesigned it to the Classic Controller Pro which look more like the GC controller. The Wii U was actually using the Classic Controller Pro(pictured in dev kits) until Nintendo decided to give it a new look again for the new console.

Its the exact same controller only with the button layout made like the Upad with the analogs both up top.

There will likely be another redesign of it in the future. It does not nor has it ever had anything to do with responding to Microsoft/Sony.

It is used in the same way it was initially to made to be used. That is to play games that still rely on the outdated pure button pressing control style.

yeahokchief3771d ago

you have my agree.

down with nintendo.

Flewid6383771d ago

There are more casuals than there are gamers. To be profitable, one must sell to a majority.

See where I'm going with this?

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StanSmith3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

This is cringeworthy! I know it's PR and he's trying to sell the WiiU, but still...

Nintendo, please learn from Sony circa 2005. Their cockyness did not go over well with anyone. They were taught a lesson by gamers to not act bigger than they are. The same could happen to you.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Nintendo reacted to the fact that casual gamers shifted over to apple products and android tablets?. Oh no of course the new controller is mostly for core gaming right? who knows.

AJBACK2FRAG3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

He should be saying, "F' you Sony F' you Microsoft. You don't know s' about making beautiful games that actually provides gamers fun emotional content. We do. Nintendo is in the process of releasing a home video game console that provides gamers with incredible hd graphics an amazing brand new online structure that also interacts with the home entertainment center in ways that your companies haven't even thought of and Sony your in the t.v. business. We're really almost not even in the same business.
Good luck! Nothing wrong with silver! Oh yeah. The PS3 has just caught up to the 360 both now at seventy million units per. Nintendo has just performed an amazing feat! With two Game Cubes duct taped together Nintendo proved that Microsoft and Sony are both in second place and by second place I mean second class. Have fun stealing everything Nintendo has ever invented or even thought of."

IRetrouk3771d ago

So what about alan wake or ico and sotc?, what about heavy rain?, how about all of the arcade games from both ms and sony, theres some great original games there too. So far this gen each company has done something diffrent but keep the good games coming, some more than others but they have all done well enough this gen, now nintendo has shown its hand i hope we hear some legit rumors about the other two

jivah3771d ago

you people must have forgot about or may be too young to know.. but xband was back in 94. hook it up to ya genesis or your snes and you was able to play other people via dialup. there are probably some videos out there to look up if interested

Flewid6383771d ago

LMAO. These youngin's don't know! I was 9 years old when I bought my Genesis. Never had xband, but I remember it.

fermcr3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Don't know if WiiU will succeed or not (probably will)... but in all honesty i have no interest in purchasing one any time soon.

As for Reggie, he's only protecting his interests. Don't bash the guy. Every CEO of big companies lie now and then.

harrisk9543771d ago

Yeah... Reggie is popping off again... but, why does Sony get accused of "arrogance" when they make comments and Nintendo gets a pass -- 'Oh, it's just Reggie'...

Syntax-Error3771d ago

In case you didn't know, Dreamcast was powered by Windows CE, so yes Microsoft was the first to unveil online gaming. They already stated that was their motive to begin with. Why do you think the Xbox was released with ethernet support and not a dial up connection.

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Godchild10203771d ago

Am I the only one thinking Reggie is becoming the Cliff Bleszinski & David Jaffe of Nintendo?

Donnieboi3771d ago

Yeah just like Molyneux, because he talks trash, inflates his own opinion of himself, and his products never quite deliver.

vortis3771d ago

No he's not Molyneux yet. That guy fails and Nintendo hasn't failed yet, they're doing quite well and trolling while doing it, so Godchild1020 is right...he's more like Cliffy B.

David Jaffe always runs his mouth BEFORE his stuff is successful. Cliffy B. runs his mouth AFTER his stuff is successful. So yeah, I'd say Reggie A. is Nintendo's Cliffy B.

Knight_Crawler3771d ago

The Crazy gen does not start until w say so.

daclynk3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Really Next Gen.

Assuming in Power,Graphics and physics,Next Gen started on PC years ago.

But on Control and Interreaction has started on Wii U.which lunched days ago.

so ya Next Gen has started already not till you say so.

Fanboys so delusional.

N4realGMRZ3771d ago

@ daclynk, please tell us how does the Wii U a next Gen in interaction? how? please explain........i have been here about this tablet like controller without multi touch....tell me and explain how it introduces something Tablets have not been doing for years....also explain how having a second screen that u have to take your eyes of of a primary screen to look at not the same as pressing the "pause" button. Please go ahead...explain the innovation to me...and im not being sarcastic im dead serious......

N4g_null3771d ago

Tablet vr. The motion control is that good that it becomes augmented. Gpgpu and a blue ray drive faster than sonys. 4 to five different control style in the very beginning. Hey but we are here to bash Reggie so stay on topic. Truth is Sony has a gpgpu and ms is going kinect 2.0. They need to show some thing. I'd rather get gow 3 On the ps4. Ms well I like their surface, we need an Xbox surface!

The card company is calling their bluff while showing their weakest hand. Every one knows s
Smash is coming, Zelda might actualy be fun again, but a last story or xenoblade are going to be drop dead gorgious. Galaxy is going to be rediculious. Mario kart is going to be epic. Imagine a wave race where you can race in the perfect storm! F zero, metriod, star fox, bayonnetta2, I don't know. The others guys better start the hype machine up soon. The wiiu hype train has not even started and we are getting big numbers.

I wouldn't mind if the wiiu did sell, it didn't make me like the neo geo any less or the lynx.

Is it possible nintendo is hinting at an out side compititor. If apple where to step in we could get new consoles every two years attached to cell phone like plans which would make online payment meaningful again. I'll admit I'd pay for online if it included the wireless plan with it. Could this be coming?

tachy0n3771d ago

nice to meet you listing :D

Sp1d3ynut3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Numerically? Alphabetically? Chronologically? And what exactly are you listing? C'mon man, we need more info....don't just tease us, and leave! Your list has GOT to be more interesting than anything coming out of Reggie Feels-Boys' mouth.

morkendo233771d ago

Nintendo , would have no worries if reggie open backlog of SNES portfolio . this could be massive slougter for MS / Sony.

bubblebeam3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Lol I can only imagine what you meant by "slougter".
F***ing (non-existent) word of the day.

N4g_null3771d ago

Massive dramatic sloughter! You know a game like that might actualy sell! MDS!!!

I wonder if Sony could pull off not releasing a system this gen? They have the fanbase. They have a vr headset that I would love to buy.

Really many gamers are too young to remember the snes though. Vc games have lots of legal issues it seems. Many of these company's are gone now. MS killed a large portion of them lol. Sony helped by killing pc gaming with the ps2!

I mean hell we don't even have arcades any more.

PirateThom3771d ago

Yes. Ruin next gen with gimmicky controllers, poor online implimentation and hardware that is not even close to being future proof.

deafdani3771d ago

The gamepad is superb, the online structure in Wii U is amazing, and a definite setp-up from Live and PSN in many ways. Regarding the hardware, your guess is as good as mine ATM.

extermin8or3771d ago

because the architecture the wii u is using is ancient and it's cpu is apparently going to cause devs issues in the future with things like playercounts in online games etc I can't see DICE not knowing what they are talking about in that department I mean look at frostbite 2 that's programming brilliance; how well it seems to optimise for so many different consoles of different specs-even runs on the vita.... yet looks brilliant on a top spec PC, and they've been doing large scale online maps and player counts in their games since forever.... the pad is ok but not as comfortable for using the sticks as a standard controller, and the nintendo online network I can't say anything about as I haven't used it but playstation plus is likely to ensure I stay with sony tbh

Cueil3771d ago

it's easy to walk the path that other have beat down for you... rumor is that some guys who helped setup the update for XBL helped Nintendo with their network

Da One3771d ago

"setp-up from Live and PSN in many ways"

LOL....I own a wii-u, and you sir are stretching it.

Rainstorm813771d ago

I agree Da One.... I also have the Wii U, while the message board/facebook/twitter aspect of the Miiverse is nice but to compare it to PSN or XBL is a bit much...... I will say that the Wii U easily has the best web browser of the 3 (posted from the Wiipad)

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jbgamer3771d ago

How do you know if the hardware is outdated? For 1 thing we have not seen what the wii u can do yet. And go to ign they show how the 720, and ps4 are only gonna be a little more powerful so yeah. You better brace yourself the 720, and ps4 fans are gonna be in for a big shock, and let down pretty bad.

Qrphe3771d ago

Wii U's GPU is based off a low-end GPU from two years ago. However EVERY console is automatically outdated on release regardless.

Rainstorm813771d ago

Nothing has been unveiled officially for the PS4 or 720.... IGN is guessing at best..... Let be realistic, no one knew the Wii U specs til near release, so No One but MS and Sony know the spec for their future hardware

GodHandDee3771d ago

If you have seen any of the 'rumors' IGN has put forth about the vita hardware you will know better and will not trust IGN as a source. And from the look of it so far both the next PS and Xbox won't have to do much to be more powerful than the wiiu. At this point it feels more like wishful thinking by Nintendo fans.

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Deku-Johnny3771d ago

Yes, who needs the innovation that Nintendo is offering when you can just have a bigger CPU and sharper images. That's what the next is truly about right?

PopRocks3593771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

"Gimmicky controllers"

Ah, this tired argument again. You mean a controller that functions similarly to the Vita? Which no one seems to view as gimmicky? Despite having motion control, a camera and not one, but two touch screens?

Rainstorm813771d ago

Bad comparison, Vita is a handheld console, the Wii U gamepad is a controller, that can barely leave the room the Wii U console is in without losing functionality.

BTW i own both the Wii U and PS Vita

PopRocks3593771d ago

One of the reasons people told me a Wii U is no good is because the Vita can emulate its two screen functionality which a PS3 (you know, another home console) is required for. And as I said, they both have similar features; motion control, a camera and touchscreens.

The comparison is 100% fair.

jbgamer3771d ago

The vita is a rip off of the ds, and tell me can the vita do the things like zombiu? Or nintendo land? No so nice company line :)

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nerdkiller3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

@piratethom: come on be realistic i love sony but you know damn well if the wii u does great, sony and msoft are going to come out with a control like the wii u. then youll say its much better then wiiu

WiiUsauce3771d ago

I absolutely love that on the Wii U, devs can choose to support motion controls, traditional controls, and touch controls, or combine all three any way they want. it gives the player options, and is in no way a gimmick. I like playing shooters with the Wiimote and nunchuck, but sometimes I wanna lay down, so I got the controller pro, and the Wii U pad for when I wanna take a dump, but keep on playing COD. I cant do that with my Xbox, and that's why I love my Wii U so far.

and I have no clue what you're talking about, the Wii U has an awesome online community and online infrastructure. you don't own one to claim the online sucks when it clearly is awesome.

just wait til you see games that take full advantage of the hardware. maybe it will be a Nintendo developed game or maybe it will be a third party game. either way, you'll be proven wrong.

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