Why Microsoft will announce an Xbox Blu-ray player soon

Will Toshiba move to Blu-ray? What will the company do with the technology? Will it sell the HD DVD name to the Blu-ray folks?

But perhaps most importantly, what will Microsoft do? The company has been a staunch supported of HD DVD since the beginning and it currently offers an HD DVD add-on for its Xbox 360 console. But now that the format is dead and the rightful winner is ready to be crowned, will Microsoft ignore the format war and go about its business or try to jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon?

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Anything but Cute4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

yeah okay, whatever.

Hatchetforce4767d ago

No drive:

"Update: A representative of Microsoft told Shacknews that, "It is premature to speculate about Blu-ray but we do know from market data that HD movie playback is not a primary purchase driver for consumers buying video game consoles."
The representative added, "It continues to be games that drive purchase and that has consistently been a strong point for the Xbox 360 platform."

Ben10544766d ago

i was hoping these Blu-ray and Hd-Dvd articles would go away, with blu-ray being the winner.

MorganX4766d ago

If MS doesn't release a Blu-ray edition of Xbox (preferable) or a Blu-ray addon soon, Sony will eat them for lunch. Microsoft has started releasing more HD downloads with 5.1 audio but that's still not HD Audio, and the downloads are all 720p. Now factor in that you have to watch them within a specific time limit, and can't take them to a friends house... downloads will not supplant dedicated players and "owning" a movie to play whenever and wherever you want with trued HD audio and video, not to mention disc extras.

Will it be a new console or addon? If MS is smart it will be a new console with HDMI 1.3 that can pass bitstream audio. The current Xbox HDMI can't pass HD Audio for decoding and the Xbox itself can't decode HD Audio and output uncompressed LPCM as the PS3 can.

Microsoft is just trying to figure out how to properly eat crow and not PO everyone who bought the current SKUs. My suggestion, eat it. Give every registered Xbox owner a $100-$200 off a NextBox.

PStriple7034767d ago

this is getting old, i been enjoying blu ray movies for a year now...

niall774767d ago

these storys are getting old.


LOL it's going to be funny seeing Sony make money off of every 360 game sold.

Tsukasah4767d ago

M$ wont be making BluRay games, just a BluRay movie player add-on

rewards4767d ago

its gonna be hilarious! think of all the money! All none of it considering the 360s games are on DVD9 LOL!

harpua4767d ago

"considering the 360s games are on DVD9"

I'll take outdated technology for 300 Alex...

pharmd4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )


Funniest comment of the day!!!

Bubbles my friend, bubbles!

tatical4767d ago

"M$ wont be making BluRay games, just a BluRay movie player add-on"

Because Sony developed Blu-Ray, MS will have to pay royalties to Sony for each Blu-Ray 360/add-on made (unless they WANT to be sued).

The Closing4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

This will be true for the next half baked system M$ rushes out to the public.

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PSWe604767d ago

This just shows how PATHETIC Microsoft is when it comes to hardware and planing for the future.

Hey M$: Step aside kiddies, PS3 is coming through

InYourMom4767d ago

It's not like MS didn't say right from the start that if Blu-ray was chosen as the format they would support it.

I say this too much, but at the time when the 360 launched HD-DVD was the leader in tech/quality, etc. MS gambled on that decision but they weren't willing to gamble enough so they made an add-on. If MS had decided to include an HD-DVD in their system and launched at the same time we would be having a very different conversation right now.

The only thing PATHETIC is your lame attempt at bashing simply because Blu-ray has been chosen as the format. Sony finally won this one, but have more failed formats than any other do you consider that pathetic? No because your a Sony toolbag.

mightydog014767d ago

Yeah what did microsoft say they dont need blu-ray dvd 9 is all they need well we'll see? What a turn around. Do you remember ps dvd what do you think will happen with the ps3? in sales' let's say things are looking very good for sony,,that mean's good for ps3 and lots of great games to come for us ps3 owners the futures bright the future ps3 FTW

The Brave 14767d ago

Hey my kock is INYOURMOM .Your an idiot,soon Microsoft will have to pay sony millions just for licensing Blu Ray!Go eat Bill Gates A$$ stupid clown.

psnDevistator3564767d ago


In other News. I will laugh if Microsoft came out with a Blue Ray Player. I don't know if they will.

Kleptic4767d ago

InYourMom...dude...Sony 'has more failed formats than anyone else'?...and also was behind some of the most successful formats in electronics history...

Sony wins some, and has failed a few...the formats that won big, Sony was a part of, yet idiots forget that part...they only 'remember' the stuff Sony failed in...

ever heard of Compact Discs?...or DVDs?...didn't think were more worried about their half assed attempts with UMD and Minidisc...yet the undeniable market capture of CD and DVD catapulted them both to the very top of the list of unified media formats...

SlappyMcTaint4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

Even if they do release another add-on, their HDMI-equipped models aren't HDMI 1.3 spec -they're 1.2 -so they'll be missing RGB full and Deep Color, along with some added uncompressed audio options...

Micro$oft: The me-too, non-innovating, [email protected] goliath.

Oh, and @ InYourMom. People like you always have diarhrea of the mouth when it comes to Sony's failed formats, but you never list the ones that became standards, and drove entire new industries like: the Walkman, the CD... hello!??! Also, I'd much rather get behind a company like Sony that innovates and tries new standards/products instead of M$'s way of [email protected] everybody else's standards so they only work with M$ products. But I'm sure that doesn't matter to you, so go back to your xbox and pray it doesn't RROD, if it hasn't already.

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