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iamgoatman4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

The spam-bot... IT'S ALIVE!

Edit: No wait, it's just copying parts from other comments below. Bloody things are getting smarter by the day!

Flewid6384248d ago

"And what dose the Ipad have to do with the Wii sales on a gaming website?"

Oh, you didn't know? There are games on the iPad. Video games.

quantae064248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Fanboy much? Should it matter what others buy if your not the one buying it? This is the problem with today's gamers.

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GraveLord4248d ago

Damn? 400k isn't a good number, the original Wii did 600k back in 2006.

HammadTheBeast4248d ago

People are assuming that they sold 1 000 000 Wii U's lol.

thaimasker4248d ago

The Wii U so far is only sold in the U.S. In the wii's first week it was also sold in mexico and canada. also the PS3 And 360 didn't sale anymore than the wii u in the first week either. 400k for the u.s alone is a very good number.

ConstipatedGorilla4248d ago

Wii U sales were capped by number of units available. It helps to read the article.

thaimasker4248d ago

Btw the wii only sold 300k in the u.s in its first week and was priced at what...$100? while the Wii U is 300/350...thats pretty impressive actually.plus it was before the economy bust right?

Deku-Johnny4248d ago

It's better than the 360/PS3 first week sales.

FlairSomewhere4248d ago

Wii was $249 at launch? Pretty sure it wasn't $100...

FlairSomewhere4248d ago

^people disagree with facts here on n4g, it seems.

fatstarr4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

@FlairSomewhere i think his comment was for this last week

wii's were selling for 99$ all over the place and it sold 300k

the wiiu stock was limited and for 300$ was selling better than the wii @99$

ALLWRONG4247d ago

"People are assuming that they sold 1 000 000 Wii U's lol."

everything is sold out and on back order.

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ritsuka6664248d ago

Wii U seems to be doing pretty well. Glad I got mine day 1, I've loved it so far,

lilbrat234248d ago

Finally an intelligent individual, people seem to forget that Nintendo only ship a few to stores making it seem they sold out.

OhMyGandhi4248d ago

it helps that his name is awesome as well.

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deafdani4248d ago

Good start, for a launch week. But Nintendo needs to get as many Wii U's as possible to retailers right before the holiday shopping frenzy starts. Shit's gonna explode then. :P

360ICE4248d ago

You are aware that the biggest part of the shopping frenzy actually ended on Black Friday, right?
Anyway, with more Xmas weeks to come, I'm sure it'll sell steadily.

Come January, sales will plummet and maybe we can have some justice! (probably not)

deafdani4248d ago

You're aware that Black Friday isn't as big in the rest of the world as it is in the United States, right? I don't live there.

Although you're right, it's probably the biggest shopping season in the States.

ConstipatedGorilla4248d ago

That's an American thing, buddy.

360ICE4248d ago

Yes. You are aware that the North American market is by some margin the biggest, and where the Wii had most of its sales?

fatstarr4247d ago

you aware that the wii is going to launch in other regions right?
and duh every year for any console
January sales are lower than December

thats just common fact -_-

Shepherd 2144247d ago

Several parts of Canada too.

deafdani4247d ago

The North American market is the biggest? I thought that was Japan. Not sure about that one, though.

irepbtown4247d ago

Here in UK Black friday is... nothing. It doesn't exist apart from the amazon UK putting up some pretty awesome deals.

Boxing day (26th dec, day after Christmas) is our 'shopping frenzy' and of course everything leading up to Christmas.

Oh, and also in January, most retailers tend to make discounts which is worth a mention (known as the January Sales). Many electronic items get a huge price slash since (I'm assuming) they are left overs from what wasn't sold before Christmas.

Nintendo needs to cater all, not just US and your Black friday deals (which I dont discredit, I'm actually rather jealous). I'm sure the rest of Europe, and indeed the rest of the world have many other 'shopping frenzies' which needs attention.

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rainslacker4248d ago

I envy the rest of the world...I hate Black Friday with a passion.

OT...I've been to several stores that sell Wii U's and they all had them in stock..."essentially sold out" is just not true. Maybe in some regions of the country it's different.

fatstarr4247d ago

I saw a store that had 2 wiiu's
I wanted a deluxe one which is sold out like crazy.
though when I went back both were gone.
and im sure all stores that had a slight stock got cleared out on blackfriday.