Eidos Montréal games revealed before E3 ?

According to JeuxOnline.ca and Stephane D’Astous (Eidos M General Maganer), perhaps we will not have to wait until E3 to learn more about others Eidos Montreal projects.

konnerbllb4257d ago

Who thought we would have to wait until E3 for launch titles to be shown or talked about? Both MS and Sony used other means to announce their consoles and launch titles. MS used MTV and Sony used the Tokyo Game show if I'm not mistaken.

I'm calling it, we will see launch titles in May.


An update from Eidos Montréal

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OtterX174d ago

The Embracer Group brings the Embrace of Death, once again.

staticall174d ago

Yeah, they should be renamed to Embarrassment Group at this point. Bought every studio they could lay their hands on just to fire people from them, close them or cancel their games.

ROCKY28174d ago

100 % The CEO is a PIG and it showcases how Embarrassment Group has always been a sham of a company
within the game industry !

Eonjay174d ago

Seems like the most turnover is being generated by companies making acquisitions and cuts.

Abnor_Mal174d ago

Ahhhh a man of culture, Futurama is the best.

thorstein174d ago

It's like they don't know their behinds from their elbows.

UPS just signed all their drivers to a huge contract.

In order to afford the contract, UPS is laying off management.

That's how all of this should work. Lay off management. That's how a business can be more "efficient."

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VincentVanBro174d ago

God this hurts, I love Eidos Montreal. They make great games.

Si-Fly174d ago

They’ve not closed the studio.

VincentVanBro174d ago

I know, but they laid off 97 employees and canceled my most anticipated release from their studio.

Xenial174d ago

Shouldn't laugh because of the situation. But that did make me lol.

Psychonaut85174d ago

Bro f$&k Embracer. How do companies not even understand basic concepts like “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”? And now all these peoples lives are upended because of it.

KwietStorm_BLM174d ago

Fkn trash. They had no business buying up all those studios with house money. I been waiting so long for the next Deus Ex. All these large scale consolidations are bleeding out the industry one at a time.

CantThinkOfAUsername174d ago

They were banking on Saudi money. When the Saudi Government backed down everything fell apart.


Embracer Group Reportedly Cancels Deus Ex Video Game as Layoffs Hit Eidos Montreal

Embracer Group has reportedly canceled a new Deus Ex game after two years in development and laid off some staff.

thorstein176d ago

The scum of the earth continue to be the scum of the earth.

RaidenBlack176d ago

NOOOoooooooooooo ........

RaidenBlack176d ago

Who even cancels a new Deus Ex game? Are they stupid or something? Its Deus Ex ffs!
Embracer is now acting worse than Square Enix!

XiNatsuDragnel176d ago

That's sad fr *plays Tokyo ghoul theme song*.

RiseNShine176d ago

Better than Embracer they should be called Dismember.