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There are a ton of games out there that claim to allow players the freedom to play through game sections using different tactics and techniques. Very few of them actually back up that claim with their gameplay. I think the biggest misconception out there is that open-world games like Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed allow the player to complete objectives and defeat enemies however they want.

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e-p-ayeaH2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Yeah many of these ideas for open world games were already implemented in the previous gen and the current one already improved them (even if some weren't that impressive as they seem to be).

MGS Ground Zeroes ,for one, is a open world game im very excited about for the simple fact that MGS games always encouraged exploration with plentiful of hidden items to find and eastereggs.

Open world games are the future we want more things to do in the game (if we feel like it) without compromising the single player experience but actually making it more enjoyable just like Far Cry 3 seems to be doing.

Even tough i understand that some games just need to be more linear because they want to deliver a more cinematic experience.

rdgneoz32921d ago

And people like this are why FFXIII became a corridor... People love the open world games because they want to explore them and immerse themselves in the game. Sure you're gonna face some missions/quests/bosses that you have to complete/fight in a certain way, but many just want the freedom to run around and have fun. And with Skyrim, you pretty much can kill enemies however you want as you can play your character any way you want to.

As for Dues Ex: Revolution, I love the game but you can't claim its a step in the right direction when the boss fights were complete crap. You HAD to fight them basically head on. There was no choice to sneak around or hack, etc to defeat them. Everything else in the game had a ton of choices to choose from to complete missions, and it was fun.

All types of games have their place, though saying only open world games get repetitive is just plain dumb. Just look at most 1st or 3rd person shooters, pretty much go to this location and shoot this guy. You can have both an open world and a lot of choices of how you do things. Though as e-p-ayeaH said, some games will have less freedom in order to give a more cinematic feel to the game.

bubblebeam2921d ago

"...though saying only open world games get repetitive is just plain dumb."

Agreed. Games for me that got repetitive and boring were Waw, MW2, Gears 3, and they were all linear as hell.

I know he wants improvement, as we all probably do. But I think it is the more linear games that are in dire need of fixing at the moment TBH.

Norrison2921d ago

Linear games are bad, yeah some give a good 10 hour experience sometimes but they're not worth 60 dollars. Open World games are the best games.

Peekayboo2921d ago

Sound's like this guy wants everything on rail's. Open world games have a lot of fun things to do but its up to you to find them

vortis2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Actually the article makes sense.

Technically he's right about current-gen open world games, but that's because pubs weren't willing to sacrifice graphics for gameplay.

In the previous PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era we were treated to fun games at the expense of graphics. True Crime LA gave you a ton to do around the town with random missions, so much so that replay was almost infinite.

The first Godfather was probably the only open-world game that encouraged you to explore, visit locations, talk to people and dick around to actually accomplish things. There were a ton of enterable buildings and lots of meta-games players could choose to partake in if they wanted. This has been completely absent in this current gen of gaming.

GTA: San Andreas...enough said.

I hope for next-gen it goes back to being closer to last gen. I'd like to see games for the PS4/Xbox 720 focus on breaking into emerging gameplay like the PS2 and Xbox era. I'd love to see open-world games get back to the basics of building on good gameplay mechanics. It's such a shame that these features have been put on the backburner for easily marketable games for casual audiences.

black9112921d ago

Infamous 2 has been my favorite this gen.

Y_51502921d ago

Don't get me started! :D

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