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Gordon Bryant says: "I won't lie, just a couple weeks ago I had very little interest in picking up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - I had played the demo at E3 and got into the beta but the game wasn't really catching my interest. It felt okay, but it really didn't work for me despite my own insistence that this is not Smash Bros. and therefore should not be compared to Smash Bros. The truth is you can't really talk about a game's quality without comparing it to its only direct competitor, no matter how much you try. Trust me, I went through three drafts of this review before accepting that yes, this game was clearly inspired by Smash Bros., and no, that does not make it an inferior game. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (called simply PlayStation All-Stars from here on out) is inspired by a great game, but brings its own identity to the genre to become its own greatness, and with luck and time, I'm sure it will spawn its own franchise to compete with Nintendo's established brand."

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bmw693341d ago

Better than Smash Bros then?

Runa2163341d ago

I wouldn't say that, no. I mean, it's very good, and a lot of fun, but I don't think anything will dethrone Smash Brothers as the go to party brawler.

Keep in mind, Smash Brothers Brawl is one of my top 10 games of all time. It will be very hard to unseat that gem of a game.

Buff10443341d ago

It's a solid first effort...too early to say whether it will grow into a series. But yes, being a first attempt, and a good one, it doesn't come close to the amount of content and polish in a new Smash Bros. Of course, Nintendo has had years to work on its franchise.

KingWilly1053341d ago

It has some things that if it would have been more polished and better implemented, it would have been an improvement over Smash Bros.; but the game as a whole is not.

Runa2163340d ago

oh, I totally agree! this game is great, but its not as good as Smash Brothers in terms of content or variety. if the sequel to this game is as substantial as the skip from SSB to Melee, this will match Brawl.

Good times. It will be great to see two similar yet distinct products on the market. Will be good for everyone.

kupomogli3340d ago

Each have entirely different gameplay. I would say both games are good and have that quality where the hardcore and casual audience can enjoy them.

I like Playstation All Stars better though. It's more like your traditional hardcore fighting games mixed with Smash Bros, and similar to fighters that the characters all have completely different styles of play, the characters in this game play completely different from one another.

ZodTheRipper3341d ago

I think noone expected it to dethrone Smash Bros.
It's a very good first effort and a lot of fun, and unlike any other experience you get on PS3.
PS3 owners should support SuperBot by buying this game because there is a lot of potential in it.

Runa2163340d ago

I feel like a whore for saying this, but that's a very important point. EVERY sony fan should pick this up if for not other reason than to support the developer and encourage them to expand on it or make a sequel. While this was awesome and fun, imagine a sequel where there's an actual story and more game modes to explore!

The possibilities are endless, and with the different scoring method, it has a lot of its own adaptations to make.

Rucolapesto3341d ago

Great job with your review!
It's clear you enjoy the game, hope it will keep enjoying your for some time! :-)

strigoi8143341d ago

We just need more characters and this will be a beast

PirateThom3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I'm enjoying the game and, some balance issues and the lack of context in the single player mode aside, I think they've nailed a very good basis to progress this into a series.

It's a solid game and a lot of fun, but there's definite areas of improvement, most of which I could go into, but want to prevent spoilers.

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