Vita discounts coming to US PSN next week

Next week's US PlayStation Store update will bring with it discounted prices on 10 PS Vita games, Sony has said.

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Godchild10202243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

If you are going to buy Uncharted why not pay the extra 15 dollars and purchase Playstation Plus and get 5 extra games along with Uncharted. Plus the extra benefits and games that come along with your plus subscription for the year.

Happy Gaming!

kingxtreme812242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Maybe because some people want to actually own the games.

PS+ is a nice feature for some but, if you're someone who, like me, buys a lot of games, it's not very valuable because you're merely renting; not owning.

That's my ultimate issue with PS+ - the value of it varies from person to person. Those who don't buy a lot get great value but, as I said above, frequent buyers don't get quite the value (this, of course, varies).

Instead of Sony telling us what we can download, I'd much prefer a discount that we can apply "x" amount of times per month on what we want so those of us who want to own our games can do so. That's just one idea of many to improve it so the value stretches farther than it does now for some of us.

Dno2242d ago

Its 50 bucks for a year.... you get 18 games day one and they add 4 a month. There are very few games we all play a year later. get these games beat them and move on. its an excellent vaule.i dunno how anyone has a problem with this but everyone loves Xbox live.

Apollosupreme2242d ago

PS Plus gives you an insane number of games throughout the year. If you factor in the PS3 games as well its insane savings that cannot be made up for by say, buying new games and then trading them in later for more new games. It doesn't come close. I don't see the benefit in hanging onto games you've completed and you are finished with. What do you get out of it? Is it fun to look at them collecting dust?

Kur02242d ago

actually if you're a frequent buyer you'll save more than 50$ through just the discounts you get with PS Plus, some games are even half off!

Apollosupreme2242d ago

The only caveat is that those games you buy at discount cannot serve as dust collectors when you're done with them... but they could serve as capacity eaters if you wanted to back them up to your PC.

Ryo-Hazuki2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )


So you prefer the ability to rent access to online multiplayer? PS Plus is the best subscription in gaming

MasterCornholio2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Your telling me that instead of paying 40€ for a year of plus i should go out and buy

1. Bulletstorm
2. Borderlands
3. Crysis 2
4. Infamous 2
5. Little Big Planet 2
6. Uncharted Golden Abyss
7. Chronosphere
8. Ratchett and Clank all for one.
9. Hell Yeah
10. Machinarium
11. Saints Row 2
12. Just Cause 2
13. Double Dragon Neon
14. Red Dead Redemption
15. Resident Evil 5
16. Oddworld Strangers Wrath
17. Motorstorm Apocalyspe
18. StarHawk

All this and i have only been a member of plus since September.

Due to the PSN outage with my one month of plus membership i have these games on my list.

1. Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers
2. Burnout Paradise

I used to have a 360 and i did experience gold. But in my opinion the best subscription service is plus due to all the content that it provides which is something that i dont see happening with Microsoft (and especially) Nintendo anytime soon.


"So you prefer the ability to rent access to online multiplayer?"

Yep thats one of the reasons why i hated gold and i barely play online.

8bitHero2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

i like plus, i have both an xbox and ps3 and hate paying for live to play with my friends online, i havent renewed it in quite a while(ill do it once i beat the campaign for halo 4). not only is plus cheaper but now i get to play games for both the ps3 AND vita.(notice that i didnt say free, i hate when people say its free. its not free if you're paying money for it)


wait wtf? red dead redemption was free for plus members?when? ive been a member since it originally began. aww, i hope you mean it was just a trial, dont tell me i missed that T-T

BuffMordecai2242d ago

So many disagrees; I too like to have ownership of my games but to each his own. I personally buy all my vita games off psn out of convenience and that system needs all the sales it can get.

rpd1232242d ago

Love how everyone assumes that because kingxtreme is criticizing PS+ that he loves Xbox Live. It's possible to have issues with both or like both.

I agree with him. It's great that you get to play all those games but the thing is, they give them to you after their prime. It's like releasing AC Revelations or MW2 right now. It doesn't matter because anyone who has an interest has already got it and played it. And at the end of the subscription, none of the "free games" are yours anymore. It's their way to ensure you subscribe again and again for games that you don't even get.

They should just let you chose what you want discounted like kingxtreme said.

SAE2242d ago


i think i saw red dead in ps+ , it is/was in us store ...

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Y_51502242d ago

Areed! I think Little Deviants for that price ($17.99) almost is a buy for me.

shammgod2242d ago

Reality fighters is listed twice in the article

jimmywolf2242d ago

ps+ if fine as a service if you buy a lot game you cheating yourself by paying more 5 games $40 each $200 or rent them for a year for 60 with other games added an random discounts if your a person who never sells game an must have physical copy then your still better off using ps+ too play the game an waiting 2-3 years too buy the game cheap too have sit on a shelf if you like too buy an flip games it a mute point since you not really keeping any games either

Heisenburger2242d ago

Punctuation is your friend. It isn't very difficult. Plus, it really adds some merit to what it is you are saying if people can read it easily.

Just advice with no spite. Take care bromo.

Long Live Love.

sitharrefus2242d ago

Not Bad, but i think PS+ is worth it in the vita now with free games. I wish Sony would advertise this more!

eliteslaya132242d ago

Seriously. "Get Playsation Plus and get discounts(They display an insane discount), exclusive beta access, free games(They display a high profile game with a $0.00 price tag), and more." That ad would have me convinced.

Qrphe2242d ago

>Sony in charge of advertising

Yeah no lol

2242d ago
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