The Controller Named

October 3, 2006 - Six Axis. That's the official name for the PlayStation 3 controller.

Sony announced today its first accessories for the PS3, and included in the announcement was the name for the new Dual Shock. With the controller no longer featuring rumble, most expected the new name to do away with the "Shock," and sure enough, the final name of "Six Axis" reflects the motion-sensing abilities of the device.

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omansteveo5911d ago

This is not news The Controllers name is ummmm....PS3 controller...its not like people are going to walk into a gamestop and say "Hey do you guys have the Six Axis?"..this is dumb

Stone Cold SA5911d ago

Plain and simple, if you don't like it, vote lame!

omansteveo5911d ago

How many accounts do you have they need to get you under control right now your a disease to this site and a spammer period

Stone Cold SA5911d ago

I changed it there! How am i a spammer, i submitt stories every time i see a new one!