Five Games That Screwed Up This Generation ( The list that’s been pondering my head recently is five games that I like to pretend never happened, for one reason or another my brain refuses to accept that the following games are a part of their respective series. Remember it’s not five disappointments, it’s five games that I wish never happened and as far as my head goes they never did.

Also worth mentioning is that I’ve not played every game out there so if you were hoping to see something make the cut and didn’t then consider the fact that I may not have played it. This is a list of five games that I did play and wished I hadn’t.

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Muffins12232157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Seeing that picture of sonic made me think of Sonic adventure....i miss that game series so much :c The only sonic game i like

HammadTheBeast2156d ago

Aww man, I remember the Dreamcast one with Tikal, Biggs, and everyone. That game was amazing.

Y_51502156d ago

Sorry but I like the classics more..

Kte2156d ago

aww I loved the sonic with all 3 tho >.> had ups and down but was still a good game.

AzaziL2156d ago

Why isn't every cod after 4 on the list, it singlehandedly held back the fps genre for this gen.

Deku-Johnny2156d ago

Super Metroid is the greatest 2D game ever made.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is the greatest thing ever burned onto a disc.

One thing to take from this article, the above statements are facts.

Hicken2156d ago

... how do you...?

You know what? Nevermind.

Bobertt2156d ago

What sonic adventure 2 was bad! That was my favorite sonic game ever.

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