Are We All Just High-Score Junkies?

PSLS: Competition is ingrained in human history. Largely barbaric in nature, we have been competing for as long as man-beasts could grunt out “Up Yours!”. Some may be friendly competitions while others may be all out war, but we are always competing for the high-score. Mankind continues to compete today through such barbarism as American football, wrestling, UFC fighting, and chess tournaments. Video games have aptly followed suit in encouraging our competitive nature.

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ftwrthtx2251d ago

I am a high score junkie. Recognizing that fact is the first step in conquering my addiction....

Who am I kidding? I'll never conquer that addiction. :-)

Welshy2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Well written piece!

I think to a degree we definitely are obsessed with scores and rewards in games.

This can be both a good and a bad thing.

It's fine in something like COD because random reward keeps you playing and coming back for more, knowing you could be rewarded with points/perks at any time and that hooks alot of people mentally whether they realise it or not.

On the other hand, said people who do thrive on random rewards, scores, trophies/achievements etc... It can completely hinder their ability to enjoy other things.

MGS4 or Journey would be good examples. I personally love both of the above because i can see more to a game that what meets the eye. But to someone who is high score/random reward in the brain, they may be almost completely unable to enjoy the likes of MGS4, because in their mind, story is no substitute for high score.

The same with Journey, alot of my personal friends just don't GET Journey. My best mate is of the "I'm not a gamer, i just like COD" type, so he literally saw no enjoyment to be had or even a GAME behind it. To him you walked in a straight line for 2 hours then the credit rolled and made no sense.

Thought provoking stuff, more of these articles please! =)

ftwrthtx2251d ago

I always play through a game once without paying attention to the rewards and/or achievements. I try to enjoy the game first, then come back later for things I might have missed.

dbjj120882251d ago

Yeah and now as scoring slows as a trend, I'm all about achievements.

alexcosborn2251d ago

Great write up and so very true.

fresh2death932251d ago

Im not a high score junkie but im a score junkie , i don't care about how high i am in the leader boards , but i do care about how high i score during the game itself. Like in call of duty i only care about being in the top 3 during the game but i don't care about being top 3 in the leader boards.

dbjj120882251d ago

This is a good realistic approach. I'm more concerned with my friend leader boards. Ranking high on the global leader board is a pipe dream.

lashes2ashes2251d ago

I love achievements and trophys but besides that I never gave a crap about high scores. Just seems like a pissing contest to me lol.

knifefight2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I love high scores but besides that I never gave a crap about achievements and trophies. Just seems like a pissing contest to me lol.

Hicken2251d ago

I don't need a score of any kind. Don't need trophies or achievements.

The closest I would get is having lots of items/money in rpgs. Outside of that, none of that scoring stuff really means anything to me.

Well, I can sometimes get a little obsessive over lap times in GT5.

ftwrthtx2251d ago

Or billboards in NFS Most Wanted.

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