Former Free Radical staffers on what happened to TimeSplitters 4, lack of publisher interest

TimeSplitters 4 was officially revealed in 2007. A year later, developer Free Radical Design went into administration.

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Snookies122157d ago

Lack of publisher interest!?!? GAHHHH, just put up a dang kickstarter then!

Freak of Nature2157d ago

I totally agree! I would support this in a flash. We need games like this. How some games get the green light, and then games /series like this get no support is mind-boggling...

I sure hope this sees the light of day someday, if not it will be a real shame...

Rupee2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

They have a petition online:

If there are enough 300,000 signatures Crytek will seriously consider developing another game or at least an HD collection. I'd encourage all you guys to sign if you're interested. :)

*edit* here's a link to their Facebook page as well:

Enigma_20992157d ago

No need to sign that. Just wait until Crytek needs money.

DOMination-2156d ago

TS2 is one if my favourite games if all time but honestly if you play it now its awful. If they rerelease then it would have to be a full remake.

NYC_Gamer2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I can't stand the politics that goes on within the gaming industry

hennessey862157d ago

Say time splitters was getting a bit boring in the end so I'm not really bothered about another one

-Mika-2157d ago

I agree. It was a pretty overrated series. I played the games and It wasn't really anything special. I remember picking up one of these titles and the story was non-existent. I remember finally finishing the game and the character just flies off into space and then the credits rolls. I was pissed.

jimmywolf2157d ago

@hennessey86 an -Mika-

am sure you both trolling hence 1 bubble but everyone has freedom of speech

what made the series enjoyably was the over the top action it also had variety of game modes achievements even had level editor in one them which was fun

DA_SHREDDER2157d ago


Noobs will never understand.

Eyeco2157d ago

That was Timesplitters 2 easily one of the best console shooters ever made, so what about the story ? that wasn't the main attraction of the game, it was the fast paced arcade gameplay, ridiculous characters, and crazy guns, the game had allot of charm, and was increibly lighthearted something thats non existent in todays pretentious, political war shooters like COD playing those games with 2-4 of your friends is ridiculously fun, i miss those days. :-(

execution172157d ago

what?! all 3 of them were amazing, idk how many hours I played playing splitscreen with my friends just about every night

Locksus2157d ago

The only TS game I've ever played was TS2 and I have very good memories of that one.

Venox20082157d ago

I actually loved Timesplitters: future perfect.. didnt like second too much, but future perfect had awesome humorous story and everything else was good

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iNMyFiN4LH0uR2157d ago

I think the publishers had a point, although timesplitters remains one one of the best multiplayer splitscreen experiences last gen, this developer had a disastrous start to the current gen by putting out Haze. So i can understand the skepticism of a publisher that is about to invest a couple million in a project.

jimmywolf2157d ago

if that true their best bet is remake HD collection to prove their still demand for a sequel an generate interest for the series again

or worse case scenario am sure they break even an be proven right the series is dead or not popular enough to remake

Eyeco2157d ago

But then look at Borderlands , i know there different games but there in the same ballpark, colourful characters , various enviroment's , light hearted humor, Co-op/ multiplayer focused, fast paced, arcady gameplay.

Borderlands 1 sold surprisingly well something like 4.5 million copies thats incredible for a new ip and especially for such an obscure genre, there is an audience for a game like Timesplitters, a game like that would easily stand out in a industry saturated in , grey, blood soaked, military, shooters easily. It just needs clever marketing.

FlairSomewhere2156d ago

Haze had so much hype going in!
And then it was announced that 360 & pc development had ceased...

J86blum2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Best couch splitscreen games from last gen:
1.Timesplitters 1-4(Nothing like running around as the smallest character so everyone had to aim down.)
2.Turok 1&2(Cerebral bore' nuff said.)
3.N64 Goldeneye (Remote mines with the infinit cheat on in multiplayer)
4.N64 WCW games (remeber everyone picking Goldberg and spearing everyone.)

...ok Now I want to get the N64 out, some controlls, friends over, and some booze'. Is it weird I enjoyed those more then Gears of War, Call of Duty, and games of now. Im not jaded or acting like an elitist, just way better times.

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