The 5 Absolute Worst Things about Gamestop

Gamestop has essentially monopolized the used game trade, and gamers have little other choice but to bow down to the corporate altar. Whenever the suits get involved, you can expect a shiny but soulless experience. Here is a rundown of the 5 most annoying things gamers deal with every time they visit their local Gamestop.

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mintaro3893d ago

ive never been to a gamespot before, but is it really that bad?

EZCheez3893d ago

I've been in line behind "the pokemon kid." You'll stand in line for half an hour while he asks about everything pokemon while you wait to pay for your game that takes all of thirty seconds. The only thing worse than them are the dreaded "pokemon parents" because they really don't know anything.

And the used game prices are ridiculous. I went into a Gamestop a few days ago planning on buying a used copy of Motorstorm, and left quickly after seeing a price tag of $45.

Sadly though, I played the role of comment guy once. I had to though. I saw someone picking up a copy of Lair, and I had to stop him. For all I know it might have been the copy I traded in a week after I bought it.

Lifendz3892d ago

You want to buy used games, then go Ebay. Cut out the middle man. I know I know, some of you don't have credit cards/bank accounts and others simply don't have the patience to wait for the game to arrive but I'm telling you, when you get a used game for 30 bucks (35 after shipping) it makes a difference. Only ten bucks right? Well do that ten times and you see it adds up.

I also only sell my games via auction sites. After Gamestop offered me 25 bucks for Madden 08 the week it launched I sold it on Ebay for 20 bucks more than they offered.

Joey Gladstone3893d ago

Because of the Smug as$ personnel who work their and know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of gaming, only to try and convince you to buy the latest copy of the Conan Game or some other non-selling mediocre piece of ish...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Siesser3893d ago

Agreed; for the most part I don't mind the store as I don't sell my games, and like the idea of just popping in and depositing a little here and there to just pick up the game at no cost when it launches. But my God, some of the employees their take there position as a CSA to be some sort of credential for gaming guru, when half of what they say is wrong. Not all of them mind you, but the bad seeds just seem to stand out so much because they're so much more vocal. Smug, condescending, elitist pains in the butt. And then when I correct them about someting, they have nothing better to say than "no, that's wrong."

xplosneer3893d ago

I have too. Like over 2 months ago and I'm pretty sure it was on N4G.

xionpunk3893d ago

I was just about to say the same thing. The date says feb 14th 2008 on the article though. A little recycling I guess.

Anyways, yes, Gamestop sucks. I have started buying all of my game related stuff at Best Buy.

cain1413893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Thats because it is an absolute dublicate...

They lifted the article off this other site...

Mc1873893d ago

this atricle is older than jesus.

Keyser3893d ago

Bubbles for trying though.

wind_dragon3892d ago

bubble up for making me chuckle...i knew i wasn't crazy, i had definitely read this here before

jinn3893d ago

there employees r cool, they r playing games everytime i go there and its fun to join them. Gamestop is my alternative home.

Iron Man 23893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Dark Sniper hates Gamestop because it is full of a bunch of brainless Xbox fanboys who don't know jack about games or gaming,Dark Sniper suggest taking your business elsewhere

Just look at the comment above Dark Sniper's comment,Dark Sniper can't help but to ponder if jinn is one of them


Superiorrior3892d ago


Wow, you are definitely some kind of loser huh?