I Laughed, I Cried… The Top 5 Emotional Games

Games have come a long way in the past decade. Characters’ ability to emote thanks to the power of the current systems, and developers’ willingness to control the pace of stories, displays a new maturity for the industry. Gone are the days when we were told to care, replaced by genuine manipulation of our emotions. It looks like a trend set to continue with trailers such as that of Beyond: Two Souls’ showing an unusual confidence, and not simply blowing things up to please the crowd. True, this isn’t unique, but in a big budget title it’s rare to see such restraint.

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rhap3164d ago

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for me. The flashbacks were amazing.

Ranma13164d ago

Final Fantasy X ending

zeddy3164d ago

got choked up when i beat ff7 for the first time, same with ff8 and ff9. no game since has had that effect on me cept maybe flower.

Persistantthug3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

My very first monster....

He was a Half Jell, half plant...and he had a red top for a head. I named him Dumb.

He was a bonifide beast....a true warrior. If I congratulated him after a tournament loss, he would lose respect for me.

I know it was programmed, but He was almost life like. I loved him.

Even though he got old, he fought his last victorious high level tournament battle for both our honor and for the honor of our house....then he died peacefully. :(

Monster Rancher was the shit back in the day.

ceballos77mx3164d ago

Dude I love that game, good memories, wasting a day searching thru all of my CDs and movies to get that bad ass monster, I wish the made a new one.

da_2pacalypse3164d ago

Majin was a fantastic game!

Jockamo3164d ago

What the hell is this crap list???

To the Moon is the obvious answer and shows that the writer is a dimwit.

andibandit3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

The ending of Farming Simulator 2013, such tears of joy

Seriously tho, article shouldve read: my excuse to mention a bunch of sony exclusives, but to throw you off track ill throw in multiplats like COD..... Which i dont even know whats doing on this list is on drugs

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XB1_PS43164d ago

I've never cried playing a video game.. I'm a grown ass man. But Toy Story 3, now that's a tear jerker. That scene when they're all about to get burned, and start grabbing each others hands.. Holy shit.

josephayal3164d ago

What do you do AFTER you beat Mass Effect 3? I cried like a baby

Shepherd 2143164d ago

Mass Effect 3 was one of the most emotional endings for me. Partly for story reasons and partly because I was so shocked at what had just happened. The logic of the pre-extended cut ending didn't make much sense when I stopped and thought about it, but I was still emotionally affected.

Halo 3s after credit scene with master chief and cortana and the Knights of the Old Republic games affected me pretty well too.

OmniSlashPT3164d ago

I felt emotional when Shepard was saying goodbye to all his companions. The end could really be something unique but turned out to be a generic, cliche RGB crap. What a shame, ME3 was such a great game.

TenSteps3164d ago

I didn't feel that ME3's was that emotional. Considering that the things that happened during the game was more emotional. Grunt's stand against the Rachni, Mordin singing his final song,even that Turian that sacrificed his life to save the Krogan world.

r213164d ago

Finally, someone recognizes the inFamous 2 scene involving Zeke and Cole. One of the most heart tugging cutscenes in my gaming history. That and the end of TWD game are the only moments in gaming that've made me cry.

ForgottenProphecy3164d ago

I couldn't bring myself to attack Zeke at first, I just couldn't. I sat there in silence and disbelief for a good minute or two.

r213164d ago

I understand man, I let Zeke shoot me down twice...then I had to finish him off to get the InFamous ending :'C Manly tears were shed.

Reverent3164d ago

Oh my god, I know! I can't believe this scene hasn't been mentioned before until now! That scene literally made me feel empty and actually tear up. If ever there was a good example of what it could be like to be forced to kill your own best friend, it's that scene.

bloodybutcher3163d ago

really?i didn't even blink:) i thought:"he regrets all the shit from the past and tries to help me as much as he die, you fat asshole!"^^ love to be a bastard in games:) right now i love making bad, naughty things in skyrim:)

JoGam3164d ago

Dude totally agree. I actually teared up while my family sat behind me. I froze didnt realize what was happening. the emotional effect that came over me. AMAZING!

ForgottenProphecy3164d ago

For me:
Metal Gear Solid 3/4 (It's a tie between the two)
inFAMOUS 2 (Bad ending)
Heavy Rain (Tears in the rain ending)
Portal 2 (When that companion cube came back, I actually stood up and cheered)
Spec Ops: The Line
Killzone 2
Dark Souls (No game can get me that angry)

Ducky3164d ago

Any scene involving Rico.

ForgottenProphecy3164d ago

I'm probably in the minority, but the ending of Killzone 2 was the best in a FPS (aside from Spec Ops: The Line)

bloodybutcher3163d ago

i think that destroying city with a nuke and the last scene were actually quite good.liked the ending, must say

bloodybutcher3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

for me dark souls are nowhere as frustrating as fps games online(mainly because i lack reflexes necessary for competitive play).dark souls are hard only when you forget how unforgivable this game is:) i died many times, but it was only when i tried to hurry up with enemies or areas.
in hr i liked one of the endings where ethan commits suicide in jail^^
mgs didn't give me any feelings, but i guess it's just because i'm not a fan of series

TheLyonKing3164d ago

End of crisis core was really emotional just like the end of kh 1.