Paramount and Universal will be free from HD-DVD this week.

Toshiba Corp. is expected to pull out of the HD DVD business early this week, people familiar with the situation said, marking the end of one of the biggest and most-expensive format battles in the electronics industry since the VHS format's defeat of Betamax nearly three decades ago.

The decision makes Sony Corp.'s Blu-ray technology the de facto standard for high-definition DVD players, which can show movies with crisp images on big, flat-panel digital televisions. Sony declined to comment.

Since Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros. decided last month to support Blu-ray exclusively, sales of Blu-ray players and movies have gained momentum, putting pressure on Toshiba.

"Sales have been hurt since Warner's decision, and we are considering different options," Toshiba spokesman Keisuke Oomori said, though he added that nothing had been decided at this point.

If Toshiba withdraws from the HD DVD business, Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures and General Electric Co.'s Universal Pictures, both of which support the format exclusively, would be immediately released from their commitments, one of the people familiar with the situation said. Warner Bros., which is obligated to sell HD DVD movies through May under its contract, would also be freed from those terms.

Of course Sarah McBride is being Captain Obvious

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decapitator5706d ago (Edited 5706d ago )

I will take one Transformer on Blu please. Well the war was fun whiles it lasted it. Whiles it was annoying to see fanboys cursing each other, it was something very funny.

Oh btw, Ken Kutaragi redeemed. The inclusion of BD in PS3 seems to have been one of the best decisions that Sony has made.

EDIT: Oh I will gladly take American Gangster as well.

marinelife95706d ago

I'm expecting to hear that Ken Graffeo is fired from Universal any day now.

sonarus5706d ago (Edited 5706d ago )

i dnt even want transformers only want 2 universal movies bourne and american gangster at least for now. Can't really think of any paramount movies i want. The blu ray movies i really want are the classics like pulp fiction kill bill, star wars all 6 of them, lord of the rings. I think movies like these have the power to be "system sellers/blu ray seller". Studios need to release these mega titles to drive hardware sales. They need to provide more incentive for consumers to switch to blu ray. Best buy and blockbuster are doing the right thing they need to be pushing blu ray really hard showing the difference between blu ray and standard dvd/ up converted dvd's. The more they show the more consumers start to get into it, as more consumers get in they start recommending to their friends and they can sit back from there.

marinelife95706d ago

I want Beowulf, American Gangster, and Transformers.

Joey Gladstone5706d ago

that reminds me of that particular scene from Mars attacks....but back on topic...Toshiba please make the smart Business decision, and cut your losses, save a little face, and at least be remembered for going down honorably....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

GodsHand5706d ago

I know, thats the sign of war.

Marceles5706d ago

*media pokes dead HD-DVD body with a stick*

gEnKiE5706d ago

Who would of thought that a decision made by Warner to go Blu would impact the war as much as it has. HD-DVD just got slaughtered by that decision. Definitely has to be a sad defeat for Toshiba's sake. They just keep getting pounded with loses.


NitrogenB5706d ago (Edited 5706d ago )

Netflix, Best Buy and a couple of other companies was the icing I think. Because those aren't movie companies, they're just retailers.

Wereturd5706d ago

HD-DVD's scalp is now placed alongside the Dreamcast, Gamecube and Xbox in a predator-style trophy cabinet behind Krazy Ken's desk.

Keyser5705d ago

Bubbles for the Predator reference and cracking me the eff up!