Microsoft dumping stock of Xbox 360 HD DVD drive in UK

Maxconsole - "We have received a tip from a trusted source (who wishes not to be named) in the UK games industry that Microsoft distributors have been told by MS to try and dump stock of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD attachment into the trade channels at the low price of £49.95 plus VAT. This provides a huge indication that MS is planning to drop the drive all together due to a lack of sales in the UK region and who knows where else."

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Joey Gladstone5032d ago

This is what normally happens to product that has undersold, or the current stock of that certain product is no longer necessary.....this is simply called a Liquidation Sale for HD-DVD products.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

GodsHand5032d ago

This is a shock. I thought HD-DVD was the future.

This is pure blasphemy.

marinelife95032d ago

Even if I owned a 360 as weel and they were selling add ons for $50 USD I wouldn't waste the money when all the movies will be on Blu-Ray anyway in a matter of months.

venum5032d ago

this drive is a collector guys for a good price.

darthv725032d ago

I am one who games and collects. Most do not so to them they see this as a waste of $$. I will gladly pick one up to add to my growing collection of gamings obscure addons. I have some pretty rare ones that are worth more now than when they were cleared out.

Nostradamus5032d ago

for $50 i wouldnt mind having a HD-DVD player, especially when all the movies go in the $5 bargain bin, that would make it a good deal.

I know there is no future in it, but there are alot of movies out, so to get a bunch of HD movies for cheap its a good deal.

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Joey Gladstone5032d ago

Isn't that from that movie with the World Famous Vanilla Ice? lol..
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

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The story is too old to be commented.