Will the Xbox 720 be able to do 4K HD?

Will the Xbox 720 be able to do 4K HD? This is the question that comes to my mind every time I think of the next Xbox: Will it be able to do 4K in movies and also will it be able to do 4K resolution in games? With the rumours going round about Sony’s next-gen console code name: PlayStation Orbis (technically we can call it PlayStation 4), being able to do this and also do 3D gaming at 60fps you would guess that we will start hearing rumours about Microsoft’s next-gen console’s capabilities in this department.

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DiRtY2154d ago

movies maybe.
games no way José. Never Trevor. No chance Lance.

bubblebeam2154d ago

Agreed. Even if it could, imagine how weak the game would be?

4K resolution won't be standard for another 10 years (maybe less, but they are soooo expensive).

Remember, Plasma TV's were like 20k over here when they first came out, so I expect a 4k resolution screen wont be cheap.

Akuma-2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

so many psychics in here that knows the xbox 720 or ps4 wont be able to do 4k resolution for video games. it sucks that they cant even guess lottery numbers.

i believe the ps4 will do some 4k resolution for games because sony is already selling 4k resolution telis so itll be more of an incentive for buyers if they can also buy a sony console that can play games for that resolution and watch movies.

microsoft has less of a reason to support 4k resolution because they dont sell hdtvs but i wouldn't completely rule it out. they'd also like to do it if they think it would be a big advantage for ps4 to play games and movies in 4k.

imo 4k wouldn't be supported for all games but some and probably in 3 years most would support that resolution. i might be wrong but i think some games will support 4k resolution. it might even take a few years into the console/s life cycle to get a 4k supported game. sony has demonstrated gt5 running in 4k resolution using 4ps3s so i have less doubt that theyll do it. to completely rule it out is silly

OccludedGamer2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Amusingly you have the nerve to attempt to insult people in here for stating basic knowledge and refute it without any knowledge of your own to stand on.

Really you need to do some research on the requirement for rendering 4k. Movies is possible but games is an entirely different league.

Consider this, 1080p fills an approximate pixel count that is 4 times what SD used to be. The jump to 4k will be the same again.

Now take the PC community as a reference. Try Metro 2033, Crysis 1 (modded) or Witcher 2 on a GTX 580 (which we would still likely never even see in next gen even though for PC its last gen) Max those games out and your going to be hard pushed running 60Fps. Metro 2033 which uses many of the features destined for next gen will often even dip below 30 at 1080p.

Imagine how a next gen game would perform if it was running at 4 times the resolution with all the enhanced features of DirectX 11. It would hardly even be a frame per second.

Now consider how less powerfull than a PC with GTX 580 and a i7 2600k and 8 Gb of high speed RAM the consoles will actually be.

That is why the psychics of N4G are correct.

bubblebeam2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

1080p = 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 = 2.1 megapixels.

4K resolution = 2160p = 3840x2160 = 8,294,400 = 8.3 megapixels.

There is also 8K resolution, but lets not get into that. I fail to understand how next gen consoles will be able to do 4 times the resolution that we couldn't even achieve this gen.

Even upscaling won't help, but rendering a game at that resolution? No way. I still think that a lot of devs will find it hard to reach full 1080p, without sacrificing graphics and framerate too much.

Next gen, I'll be super fine with 1080p.

CalvinKlein2154d ago Show
adorie2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

4k resolution? Pfft. Welcome to 8k. =)

christian hour2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Why do so many console owners think their little game box's are made of magic and infinite power? The nex-gen isn't even out yet (though it is 2 year overdue) and already they're priming their next consoles to also be magical infinite power boxes. Go to a PC components site, and build yourself a high end PC from scratch, with quad core processor and at least a GTX 560 GPU, 8-16 gb ram if you'd like, see how much that costs... You will not be able to play a 4k game on a pc at 60fps with that, no way in hell. Even with the GTX690 (3gb GPU) you wont be able to, and thats an 800 euro graphics card.

Lessons to take from this, console owners... (I own consoles too, but I don't limit myself to them, I'm not blind and in denial like some folk)

Lesson 1: New consoles upon release tend to range from 400-600 euro.

Lesson 2: You can just about build a low end pc with 1gb gpu, 8gb ram and a cheap quad core or a nice dual core processor for that price.

Lesson 3: Remember that state of the art 1200-2000 EUR Pc will struggle to run a game in 4k upscaled, don't expect your nicely packaged low end pc in the guise of a Nex Gen console to.

Lesson 4: Its TECHNOLOGY, not magic.

Lesson 5: You. do. not. need. 4K. Not for a long time, you didnt even get proper 1080p at 60fps across the board this gen. 1080p will look amazing nex gen because nex gen will use larger textures for yr tv to take advantage of. For example, this gen you walk up to a box, its texture is say, 256x256, so thats 256 pixels being blown up to 1080 on your tv as you get up nice and close to this textured box. Say it had 512px textures, or wishful thinking, 1080px textures, that is going to be a huge improvement without needing a new expensive tv.

Lesson 6 : Don't come in here and talk about what you think you know nex gen is capable of, when you do not even know a thing about the technology and hardware involved in making your favorite games appear on your tv.

Lesson 7: Please, never, ever, ever, ever say "OMG its so close to CG movies". If you do think this, you need to go to spec savers mate. Or educate yourself on what goes into CG movies, or just google Render Farms.

Lesson 8 (To myself): Stop coming on N4G and ranting nonsensically... I cant even remember what I was talking about at the beginning.

SilentNegotiator2154d ago

People are barely finished adapting to 1080p TVs as it is.

And more importantly, what non-2D games are going to render at 4K on any sort of relevant, affordable system?!?

fr0sty2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Occluded, 1080p60 has 6 times more pixels than 480p, which is still considered "enhanced standard definition" while also having twice as many frames per second. 480i, the true "standard definition" of television, has 240 lines of resolution on any given field (2 interlaced fields complete 1 full frame, 60 fields per second.), so 1080p60 is actually 12 times higher pixel resolution than 480i.

Those that want 4k out of Orbis/Durango... You can get it, but don't expect the actual graphics being rendered at that resolution to look any better than a PS3 game. And not even some of the better looking ones. Look at PS3. It hit 1080p60 on one game (wipeout HD), but even had to cheat to do that. First of all, wipeout has a simplistic graphics style that isn't heavy on shadows/shaders/high polygon count models, and second of all it employed an adaptive resolution system that would downscale the native resolution that the game rendered at in real time if the action on screen got to be too much for Ps3 to process at full 1080p. So, you only got 1080p60 on some frames.

The Call of Duty games didn't even natively render in HD at all, employing sub-720p native resolutions and then upscaling to hit 720p.

Expect similar performance with the next gen and 4k. Sure, they could render it, but it won't be anything spectacular that is being rendered, and you probably won't be very impressed with what your 4k games look like on that several thousand dollar 4k TV you bought. native 4k in all console games is a full generation away still.

CraigandDayDay2154d ago

I think there will be a few PSN titles like another Stardust (it was 1080p on ps3) that will do 4k gaming on PS4 but there won't be graphically intense games that will run 4K gaming. I believe both consoles will offer 4K movies and video content but in different ways. The PS4 in the form of 4K Blu Ray and digitally via PSN. The Next Xbox will offer 4k video via XBL movies and probably just regular BluRay discs.

fr0sty2153d ago

I would imagine that if 720/Durango were to use a blu-ray drive, they would go ahead and include the functionality for it to be able to read more than 2 layers. From what I've heard, PS3 can even read some of those 4+ layer discs, it would just require a firmware update. As such, 4k on both systems for movies (both online and disc based) should be expected IMO. However, most folks aren't ready to buy new TVs just yet. Everyone just finally upgraded to 720p/1080p. 10 years ago you were lucky to see a HD set in a home, now you most likely see at least one flat screen laying around somewhere. And some of the least technical people I've ever met still don't really give a damn about HD. They still have standard def cable or satellite hooked up to their HD set, and couldn't be bothered to upgrade.

pixelsword2153d ago

@ bubblebeam:

See, that's the thing:

if all of these accelerated graphics aren't going to be standard for another 10 years, then how far ahead is the PC to consoles where it counts, really?

I can do 3D on my PC/PS3, but since 3D ain't mainstream it ain't a game-changer; so why is it that these very few PCs that can do all of the accelerated graphics are always giving the PC this "way more advanced than consoles" rep when these very few PCs are also not mainstream?

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Blaze9292154d ago

I don't think the duration of next-gen consoles would even last long enough to where they'll "meet" 4K TVs in more homes and better prices. $20,000 won't change to $1,000 in not even 10 years probably.

So no point in making the next xbox 4K compatible. Maybe the gen after sure.

They couldn't even standardize 1080p and 60FPS gaming THIS gen.

vortis2154d ago

They couldn't standardize 720p at 60fps this gen.

Only game that managed it was upscaled and had one-track corridor levels.

beerkeg2154d ago

I think the ps4 will be more than capable of 4k, I think it will be able to do treble that.

That's right, I think the ps4 could do 12k, without breaking a sweat.

The ps4 is the most important time in human history. It is the beginning AND the end.

The ps4 will define the Human race.

Sp1d3ynut2154d ago

@ beerkeg... stop drinking your own contents.

tee_bag2422154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

@ Sp1d3ynut - Bubble up for making me laugh my t1ts off at the crack of dawn. :)

neogeo2153d ago

I'm not an Apple fan, but there is 1 reason I would like to see a Apple game console.

It could be $2999 and people would never question the price. They would simply buy it and at that price. We can then have some 4k! too bad I can't afford the system or a TV.

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wishingW3L2154d ago

not even PC with the most powerful hardware right now would be able to play games at 4k. Beside, you would need a 100" monitor to notice any difference anyway, so 4k would only be a waste of resources.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

a high end pc with a gtx 680 or 7970 can do it.

Toshiba shows off 4k gaming.
3840x2160, 30fps.

I am pretty sure in 3 years mid ranged pc's will be able to do 4k. To bad the display is thousands of dollars.

akaakaaka2154d ago

lol at the pc fanboy, you just shut the pc fanboys up, and they still disagree at the facts.
4k will be part of the games on the ps4 for sure and most likely next xbox.

FordGTGuy2154d ago

God you're a retard do you honestly think that the next Playstation or Xbox 360 will have a GPU on the level of a GTX 680? You must be out of your mind.

GTX 680

Lowest price on Newegg: $426.99


Lowest price on Newegg: $379.99

Qrphe2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


Why not?

The GeForce 7800 (PS3's card base) was around the same price when it released on 2005 (probably more due to lower inflation).
At least two demos based on such card were shown on E3. It's a pretty safe bet.

DigitalAnalog2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

The gap between graphical potential for the PC this gen is so far ahead it puts the last generation comparison to shame. While the last gen was able to get the "best" at that time, the equivalent now would be mid-high end this gen AND THAT is if they plan to charge $599 like last time.

IN order to match up from last gen's inflation, (not to mention modify the components for a smaller case), would at least be $799, and that is being generous. By the time the so-called "next-gen" consoles do release said power the PC would already have another gen ahead at the same time.

Sadly, it has already been proven that 4K puts so much strain on the PC's top end cards for current-gen graphics. You really think as FordGTGuy has pointed out that the "closed" console with no possible upgrades are able to have games rendered in that resolution? How do you think they can pull that off for next-gen? Where would the power come from? That would be like the equivalent of requesting the PS3 to pull off the Samaritan Demo at 1080p. THAT is how much burden 4K places on consoles.

Putting your fingers in your ears and "believe" that consoles would magically pull that off is beyond wishful thinking. FACT: You need GRAPHICS POWER to pull off high-resolution. There has been no other known CHEAPER method TO-DATE!

Qrphe2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )


I'm not debating whether or not games will run at 4k, just whether the GTX 680 is a potential card (just the card).

PS3 is based off of the GeForce 7800 series:
GeForce 7800 GTX released Jun. 22, 2005 at $599 ($682 adjusted to 2011).
GeForce 7800 GT released Aug. 11, 2005 at $499 ($511 adjusted to 2011).

PS3 released on Nov. 10, 2006 at $499 and $599 ($511 and $666 [2011]). The GT was a more economical but a bit behind the GTX just to note.

GTX 680 2GB was released on Mar. 22 at $499 (now around $450 on NewEgg) while the 4GB version was released later (don't know when or how much) but now it's $550 on NE (wdk which one Epic or SE used but SE mentioned being tight on ram).

I'm not saying I'm $100 correct, but just based on that I see a PS4 based off of that card something within the realm of possibilities if it were to release late 2013 or just 2014.

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aquamala2154d ago

Would be just like ps3 can play movies at 1080p but its not powerful enough for 1080p games

ATi_Elite2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Do you guys really care?

Do you know how much a 4K TV cost? The cheapest one right now is $10,000.....that's a nice used car right there buddy! (Sony has a 4K TV....$20,000)

Oh and one more thing NO Cable broadcast, TV broadcast, satellite broadcast or Media Disc is currently in 4K resolution so you have nothing to view your 4K TV in 4K resolution!

[They are testing a 4K resolution broadcast in Europe in very limited areas....but again who has $10K for a TV]

Also 4K only really helps on screens 70" or bigger and the technology is LCD or LED based not OLED. (OLED is limited to 1080p but has the best overall picture quality, uses less energy, and has thinner TV's)

So will the Xbox720 be able to output 4K? I really don't care cause I don't have $10K for a 4K TV that only has 1080p media!

It cost a pretty penny and a lot of muscle to get my PC to do 1600p so no way do i have any interest in 4K!.....I more interested in affordable NO BEZEL monitors and consoles that can do AAA games at 1080p!

MRHARDON2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Xbox 720 will never be able to do 4k, if the user tries, it will RROD.

DeadlyFire2153d ago

If it could it would be a strech and both consoles would have to aim at 3-4 Tflops or more of graphics power for respectable 30 fps framerate to even exist on them.

sak5002153d ago


U say movies? Well might not even that, try to download a clip of a 4K Rez video. I did and it brought my following PC to it's knees. Well it does play it but can feel the fans going hyper and all cpus running at full speed and fans going haywire.

Core i5 760 @ 3.6Ghz
2 x 2GB 1700mhz DDR3
SSD 128GB Split for OS and progs
1 x 500GB, 1 x 250GB 1 x 160GB
5870 1GB x 2 (crossfire)

Unless the videos are highly optimized i doubt any next gen consoles would have the power to do run videos let alone games.

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Danlord2154d ago

Thanks for that reply bro. But don't u think microsoft could surprise us in the end? It will be nice if it will be able to do 4K HD in movies and games as well ;-)

green2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Are you ready to spend $800 on a next gen console so that you can play 4K games on your $20,000 TV?

In-fact, what disk format would the system use because a 2 hour highly compressed 4k movie will weigh in at over 200GB. Sony's 2 minute 4K uncompressed demo of Spider man was 500GB.

I will rather the console makers perfect what we have now(1080p at 60fps)before delivering 4K at a horrendous quality.

mcstorm2154d ago

I agree I see the next gen being 1080P 60fps and nothing more. People are only just getting HD TV's to replace there old TV's and 4K tvs are not going to drop that much in price over the next 5 years so maybe the Gen after but not this next gen.

I would be happy with 1080p 60fps.

akaakaaka2154d ago

we buy a wiiu or rather stick with your 360/ps3
if you don't want new teach.

PS4 and next xbox are going to go 4k and yes the games will be playable in 4k at 30fps. and most likely tv prices will go down like the always do and in a year or two 4ktv will go from 1.5k or 2k witch is normal and in one more year after you will be able to get a 4ktv for $1.500k or lower.

nobody is forcing you or me to go and buy one right now or in two years I will get one when the price is right lower then $1.500 for a 50" and yes i rather pay $800 for a high end console.

hivycox2154d ago


I don't know what you smoked when typing your comment...
But i want some of it ;)

RevXM2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

"Sony's 2 minute 4K uncompressed demo of Spider man was 500GB"

500GB/120... it's like 4GB data per second!!! think for a second... Blu-ray 2X speed is 9MB/s and that gives us very high quality surround sound working every hearable frequence and the image quality is actualy quite good.
Lets say 4K Blu-ray require 48MB/s since the resolution is four times greater give or take a few percents. That should leave enough room for image quality improvements as well as some reasonable audio adjustments/improvements too Im sure.

4GB per second @ 4K is just a waste of resources and Blu-ray would still be an apropriate format.

And I dont think 4k video and games is a problem.
It all depends on when it comes out and what kind of games are "supposed" to support native 4K. Arcade and some downloadable titles and such would run fine at 4K. Trial, Limbo, Wipeout and similar.

And 800 for a high end system is pushing it.
PS3 and 360 both cost under 1k to make at the launch. I heard the ps3 cost 800.
But they were high end spec systems sold for like 450-600 at retail.

green2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


You think i pulled those numbers out of thin air? Well hear you go

And in Case you won't read it

"Actually getting a 4K film onto a Blu-ray disc would be a huge challenge. We asked Sony's Pasch to tell us how many Blu-ray discs it would take to watch a three-hour Lord of the Rings film in 4K?

"On the basis that three hours of 4K video takes up 3.16TB, this would be 212 standard 25GB Blu-rays – although the quality of image and amount of Blu-rays used all comes down to the amount of compression applied."

"Blu-ray has the capability to go beyond what is can do today," says Foster at Futuresource. "Physically it can support up to eight layers – the original specification allowed for 200GB! Whether anyone will want to make one of those is a different story, but it shouldn't be difficult to go to four layers, though even that would require a new player; the electronics in a BD player simply couldn't handle a current BD disc with a 4K resolution." "

In essence you will need to buy a brand new player

RevXM2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Of course youd have to get a new BD player.
But you must understand and think for yourself too.

4GB/S is just funny lol.
99% of all SSD's cant even read half the speed of that. Blu-ray 1080p Movies of today must run on 2X players which read at 9MB per second.
4 000/9 = 444.
You really think you would be able to tell that the picture and sound is 444 times "better" than standard blu-ray? HELL NOO its a waste of resources.

CA 5X speed should suffice for 4K video, depending on the increased quality but as a minimum. Today we get 12X speed, but the 4k ready format would need to be called something slightly different or adding to the blu-ray name Like DVD to HD DVD. In essence its still blu-ray technology, just not quite the same standard.

Also current BD disc with capacities up to 400-500 GB can be read on any 2X BD player. Ps3 also although I cant promise you can burn and watch movies from it as I dont know how well it runs on minimum standard drives such as Ps3. (regular 2X drives).

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Danlord2154d ago

@ Green- I wouldn't mind that. Even if am broke and can't afford all that goodies now I can wait a few more years when the price drops to buy it. Besides if the Ps 3 comes out with the capabilty of doing 4K HD it will be a shame Microsoft didn't put in there (in the first place) for a console that is suppose to last for 10 years. Look Where Apple is right now: 2K already. I bet Apple Ipad will hit 4K in 5 years time from now :-)

OccludedGamer2154d ago

Only if they find a way to sell their Ipads off at $10,000 a shot. Seriously the price is not going to drop as fast as you think.

However that's not even the issue, where will all the raw power come from to power the display? Since tech progression is slowing it's not going to be easy.

Npugz72154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Who cares! 4k is such a gimmick! Why the hell would you need anything past 1080p plus who has 10000$ for a new tv.

Rhythmattic2154d ago

I agree, but it's all relative....

I knew someone that paid $15000 for a 40 inch plasma in the late 90's and it was not even full hd then.......

People need to realize its supply and demand, because just like 4k screens, one day, it will be holographic and incredibly expensive on release....

kingPoS2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

It's called progression. You have to move forward when it comes to technology. Rarely would you hear someone proclaim that a technological platform is so good it doesn't need improvement.

specialguest2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Technically, 4k res (4096x2160) should actually be 2160p, just like how 1920x1080 is 1080p. It seems like the group that is in charge of naming it 4k did it for marketing purpose to make it sound like an extreme boost. Why not just stick to the same measurement labeling/naming?

ZoyosJD2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

4K is a standard used in the conversion of film movies to digital that has been around since before HD was defined. They simply choose to use the already established term "4k" rather than expanding on the "1080p" terminology with the awkward term "2160p".


ExCest2154d ago

Incorrect. Blu-ray was called a gimmick once. Now people know that 1080p is the glorious standard. The only problem is that PCs are pushing forward and 1080p doesn't cut it anymore with 1200p monitors and the new 4k stuff and whatnot.

Qrphe2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )


(Dark Souls at 4k)

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donman12154d ago

Does it really matter at this point if 4K HDTVs will be be mainstream and/or affordable for a years to come (maybe 3-4yrs from now).