Naruto SD: Powerful Shippuden Reviewed 31/40

Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has given the game a 31 out of 40, or 77.5%.

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tayz2182d ago

31/40 is a decent score. i would pick it up if it came to the us or if 3ds wasnt region locked. *shackes first at nintendo*

beerkeg2181d ago

Another great score for a 3ds game. So many games to have on 3ds.

Ranma12181d ago

except famitsu cant be trusted.

if famitsu gives a game a 9 then that game in reality would actually be rated somewhere between 0 and 10 on metacritic, same if they give the game a 1.

they are NOT a good indicator at all

TheGameTagerZ2181d ago

Going to buy this game near Christmas and hopefully get some footage with the 3ds capture card