Phil Harrison Interview Part 2 HD

In this continuing interview with Phil Harrison, he tells us about the value of the PlayStation 3 and Blu-Ray technology to the consumer.

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6355d ago
andy capps6354d ago

Anyone else notice how scriptkiddie votes lame on every PS3 news item?

I saw this interview the other day, I thought he did a really good job, while acknowledging the critics that say that Sony's executives have been arrogant and addressing a lot of the concerns.

NitrogenB6354d ago

dc rider doesn't have any bubbles....

kikilala6354d ago

i was about to say the same... woah... poor him.. he can only read from now on...

TheMART6354d ago

Let's give DC rider some speech bubbles because I am curious what he said he just must script it a bit more decent language I guess haha

But well, back to the muppet show of Phil, Kazai and Ken I love them

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shinoff21833d ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.

CUnit1231233d ago

You're telling me. I assume they will likely piggy back of EC hype. But we will have to wait and see.