PlayStation Eye: Black Ops 2 3D and Surround Sound Impressions |

PlayStation Eye will be an editorial where we take a detailed more technical look at games on the PS3 using PlayStation or Sony Branded Peripherals. This means giving user feed back on how a game takes advantage of their PlayStation 3D display or Wireless Stereo Headset/ Pulse Headset or surround sound system. This is for hardcore PlayStation or Sony fans. This is my way of helping those out with similar set up and what they can expect if they have the 3D display or the various PlayStation Headsets and Surround sound systems.

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GribbleGrunger3780d ago

Very nice article, FXGAMESKILLEEN. I'm currently busy sorting none game related issues out but can't wait to contribute more to your great site. Keep up the good work!


Thx Gribble you download ICQ yet?

bub163779d ago

not tried 3d. but the surround sound in treyarch games really does suck! i use turtle beach PX5s, it is NOTHING compared to activisions games, on mw2 and mw3 you could hear people a mile off. treyarch really need to sort their sounds out everything seems to blend in to one noise

black9113779d ago

I may try 3D soon. I have the samsung PN51E8000.