PlayStation 3 Video Interview: Kaz Hirai

Kikizo talks exclusively to SCEA boss Kaz Hirai, to get the latest details on the launch of PlayStation 3.

It's no secret that PS3's journey to this point has been a turbulent one. But, as Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Kaz Hirai explains to Kikizo in this new video interview, Sony's troubles could be coming to an end - with the console finally set to hit the U.S. and Japanese markets next month.

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TheMART5910d ago

Hah Sorry DC rider 360 but this is a bit funny, you posting the article yourself and then the first message get spammed? And now you have not even one speech bubble anymore?

Man I need to let you speak to hear the story

Darth Gamer5910d ago

NO BUBBLES!!! HAHA.. You must realy be an Dumb Ass! I don't understand why people are against one console or another. Yes, this guy talks alot of crap, but all the fanboy crap gets old. is it because someone is not familiar with one console or another, or how about, can't afford to have both. Do some people have personal grudges aganst Sony or Microsoft. Are we pissed that bill Gates has more money than God so, therefore we hate him! If you were able (which I am) to own all consoles, woulde'nt you. It's not like any of us are getting a paycheck from either company! I wish people would grow up a bit seing that I believe most of the posters on this site are adults. This constant bickering about how one system beats the other in this way or that is realy getting tiresome and boring.

Deceased5910d ago

Hey this site would be boring without all the flamewars.

Antan5910d ago

flamewars are boring, and highly predictable......everytime.

andy capps5910d ago

No, it's much better without fanboys. This site is starting to get better now that they're cracking down on this.

I can't watch the video here at work, possibly me being at work or maybe it's that the site is not working properly.

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Or i would have to whip his candy a*s, just like i whoop Hulk Hogan's a*s! An that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!

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