Virtual Console All Locked Up.

Nintendo UK has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Wii's region locking will extend to GameCube games.

A company spokesperson also said that Virtual Console game releases would not be universal - in other words, European gamers will get European versions of the games.

The news paints a slightly clearer picture of the circumstances surrounding Wii's backwards compatibility in the run-up to the console's 8th December launch.

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nirwanda5901d ago

not the pal version of the snes and n64 games some of the pal version's were rubish compared to the us versions running at 50hz 17.5% slowwwer and had big bars at the top and bottom of the screen

ChickeyCantor5900d ago (Edited 5900d ago )

big bars? what the hell are you taling about?
all my games wur fullscreened....