Molyneux in tears: Curiosity was a disaster. Godus Kickstarter might fail because of my promises

In an extraordinary interview to be published shortly, a clearly emotional Peter Molyneux broke down into tears when discussing the struggles he’s had with Curiosity, and his concerns about making promises for Kickstarter GODUS.

“I can’t blame people for not believing,” Molyneux responded, when it was suggested that his history of over-promising and under-delivering might hurt prospects for GODUS. Especially in light of the very negative reaction to Curiosity’s server failures – something the creator tells us was “a disaster”.

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Snookies122249d ago

Sure the guy's games were overly ambitious and didn't meet up to those expectations, but I certainly don't wish him any ill will. That's pretty sad to hear that he's in such a state. Hopefully things pick up for the dude soon.

LostDjinn2249d ago

I don't think people wishing him harm is the problem.

For me it's the fact that I'm past caring. Pete has been talking crap for so long I just can't bring myself to care anymore. In fact I think it's gotten to the point where I actually switch off to what he has to say.

I can only speak for myself as I don't know what feeling others harbor toward Mr Molyneux though.

dudeOplenty2248d ago

thinking about it.. this is how i've acclimated myself to Sir Molyneux as well. he's like the racist old man in the neighborhood who you know is really passionate about what he's saying.. but it all doesn't make sense - they are taking our JERBS!

2248d ago
Red_Orange_Juice2248d ago

this guy is a joke, I mean Molyneux not you Djinn, what's the last GREAT thing he did, all he does is talk, talk , talk

gaffyh2248d ago

He over-promises, it's always been the case with him, then when you buy the game you're like WTF? It's nothing like what he said.

I don't trust anything he says any more ever.

Bimkoblerutso2248d ago

The man just seems mentally unstable at this point. You inevitably have to start interpreting his boasts and exaggerations as full blown lies. Once you realize that he's done this crap...with LITERALLY EVERY FRIGGIN GAME HE'S RELEASED since Black & White, you just stop feeling sorry for the man because he's obviously ridiculously delusional.

"Revolutionary" world altering events (Fable)? An AI companion that will make you physically "love" a digital character (Fable 2)? And now he's going to break down into tears because people don't think that chipping away at a cube is "Life-changing."

If you take it all in, it really seems to point to some kind of mental illness.

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Godmars2902249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Thing is, promised expectations were way too high.

The term "Life-changing" applied to a "game" that has you chipping away at a cube.

The man cant just say, "Here is a game. Enjoy."

That's what the man needs to do to get back any credibility.

MikeMyers2248d ago

Pretty much. Let the game do the talking. He really needs to just shut up because most people have tuned him out by now. How about an element of surprise with a good game out of nowhere, that's the best way to get his credibility back.

bicfitness2248d ago

+1 (Well Said)

Nailed it. Its the proportion of hype vs. result that makes his games so disappointing. They're good games, solid titles, but not the world-changing, divine experiences that he portrays them as.

SilentNegotiator2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Since he hasn't reformed, he hasn't earned support.

I hope his kickstarter fails and he has to crawl to make it work. This guy needs a kick-start in the seat of his pants to fully understand how he needs to change.

This guy needs tough love.

LordLaguz2248d ago

I agree, sometimes the only way to learn is to get hit hard by your mistake, and then struggle to fix it.

It may be harsh, but if he actually stand up after this and make something real. He will remember those tears as a needed life lesson.

Mounce2248d ago

Is it wrong of me to have laughed hysterically after reading even just the title of this article? Not even the article itself...?

I am not one who wishes ill-will or will just trashtalk him, but as everyone else says to me is true enough as is, that he talks out of his ass in exaggerations upon false promises over and over, but seeing this article, made my day with compulsive laughter, am I a bad person?

Danniel12248d ago

Wrong? Maybe. Unavoidable? Most definitely.

Bathyj2248d ago

Poor Guy. Its clearly a medical issue.

Worst cast of Aphthae epizooticae I've ever seen.

Donnieboi2248d ago

Molyneux is a pathological LOSER. He loses at everything, and is incapable of admitting that he's just a one or two hit wonder. He's a crybaby loser who squandered peoples money and hopes through his kickstarter scheme. What a bum.

Turn off the faucet of tears, your a literal bum, Molyneux.

Leio2248d ago

Hey here is a tip dont make any promises ... How hard could it be ?

But the dude just cant stop hyping his shit

Perjoss2248d ago

I've never really understood all the hate for this guy, he's just an enthusiastic games developer, I have always believed that he has the best intentions when it comes to the gaming industry, he just gets a bit confused between the stuff that he'd love to make happen and the stuff that is actually possible within the strict time frames of games development.

Danniel12247d ago

It's not because he's over enthusiastic that people hate him, enthusiasm is a good thing. It's because he's a fucking liar who makes wide sweeping promises that he never comes within a mile of keeping.

It's because he can help create a world like Fable that millions of us love and then purposefully focus on the things he knows the fans don't give two shits about whilst simultaneously ignoring the things we loved about it.

He honestly makes me so fucking angry I could scream. If he was talentless I would be over it by now but the man is so brilliant that the fact that he wastes his abilities time and again pisses me off beyond belief.

StraightPath2248d ago

has no one discovered whats in that box? ill wait while people waste their time and life away at this game and at the end ill just see what was in the box by a youtube video or somthing.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

He has so much passion to make games. More than most devs.

He must have a great game in him that will come out sooner or later.

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StrongMan2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

This guy calls his own games crappy about six months after the release. Who believes a word he says?

Samsung Galaxy S3

Muffins12232249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

omg is so much bullshit.Drama queen.I am tired of him saying the stupidest shit know to gamers how hes going to "revolutionize " gaming when all he does is say.."im sorry,i lied like always *crys*"

SilentNegotiator2248d ago

LOL, suddenly comments that aren't pro-Moly are getting a bunch of disagrees. Hipsters are so easily manipulated by crocodile tears these days.

SpartanQ82248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

my Agree credit goes to Galaxy S3

Mikito112248d ago

Samsung galaxy S3!?..... Random

LOL_WUT2248d ago

His comment was spot on till I read the last part... Disagree

adorie2248d ago

Don't let LOL_WUT get to you, he or she is an extreme Apple Fanboy.

As for Moly, shape up, guy. You made Fable and can replicate that success if you just get back to your roots!

lociefer2249d ago

is it that time of the month again molyneux ?

Jinkies2249d ago

I'd understand if he you know tried to reform himself and not do the things we hate about him like calling his game after release, hype his games too much and lie about stuff in his games but he dosen't....all he does is use that stuff as a gimmick to make himself known, like what he's known for.

I mean seriously if he dosen't try to help himself then I can't feel sorry for him

Hell he was the one who wanted to make Fable the Journy for Kinect, everyone else didn't really want to and then near the end of development he leaves. I mean WTF...

Donnieboi2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Dude I agreed with you, but seriously Molyneux must have about 5-6 accounts on N4G, because that's exactly how many people keep disagreeing with the FACT that Molyneux is a bum. Molyneux's opinion of himself was so big that his brain had to recede some of the hair on his head just to make room for his inflated ego. Who can disagree that he's a loudmouth, promise-breaking, egotistical, un-reformed loser?

Now he squanders away kickstarter money -_-. What a bum.

Bubbles for you, Jinkies. Molyneux is less than a man--it has nothing to do with the games industry anymore. He's just a weak, loudmouth, grovelling wimp of a coward (personality wise), and i'm hoping this bum never finds work again in gaming(especially after putting all that kickstarter money in jeopardy when he knows he's got incomplete concepts for a game he totally lied about as if it were the holy grail of gaming to come).

And to think, just last week he was talking trash about other devs -_-. WOW.

NYC_Gamer2249d ago

I think he needs to take some time off from the gaming industry and just relax

Hellsvacancy2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Exactly, he should just go away for a while, on holiday maybe, 5 for years atleast, then, out of nowhere, he should show up, no talk, no hype, no belittling other devs, no opinions, just show up at E3 or something, and just show what hes been working on whilst hes been away

I LOVE Popluous, I still play it, when im in a mood, it tends to relax me, thats what he should do, go away, get stoned, and play Populous, I know hes got it in him to make a decent game, he just goes about it in the wrong way

I wish him no harm, and its not nice hearing about somebody getting really upset, unless they deserve it

Mikefizzled2249d ago

A la Cliffy B? By the sounds of things its doing him a world of good. And under similar circumstances as Cliff is also overly passionate about his work.

rainslacker2248d ago

You're absolutely right. Especially after reading the last line of that article. Seriously if that isn't a cry for help I don't know what is.

Sometimes just taking a break brings things back in perspective. Gives you a fresh take on what your doing, and revitalizes you to realize why you began doing it in the first place.

Despite what people may think of him, he has delivered some amazing games during his career. Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, and even Fable. None of them were perfect, and none of them lived up to all the promises, but some of his early work was completely revolutionary and simply puts modern games to shame. I would love to see that Molyneux again, because he would be a shining beacon in the mediocrity that we call gaming today.

Eyeco2248d ago

tbh i'm not to big of a fan of his games, but one thing I can give him credit for regardless of failure to meet expectations is his ambition, he's a visionary an idealist, he really gives gaming allot more credit than other devs, and it's sad to read about him breaking down like that.