Is Xbox Live Dead?

"Sony may have been in the console race for longer than Microsoft has, but one thing is evident: Microsoft know how to create a strong online offering. They’ve been at it for the last ten years, who else could be doing a better job? Well, up until around a two years ago that may well have been the case, but now they’re no longer top dog when it comes to offering consumers value for money. For me, the tables began to turn on the Washington based giant thanks to the arrival of Sony’s PlayStation Plus."

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NukaCola3177d ago

Well the fact is, LIVE won't die if people play Xbox. You aren't afforded the right to play online for free with MS so you have to pay to enjoy all the features you get on PSN and WiiU for free, at a price dictated by MS. Plus Xbox and COD are one this gen and the kids need their COD and they pay to play.

I do have to say, since you get everything LIVE has for free with PSN, minus a couple technical features like chatting, PS+ is a baller service for anyone who can afford the $50 a year to be in the club.

ShadyDevil3177d ago

One thing that really grinds me is that you used to need XBL Gold to run Netflix and Hulu+ and Amazon. Not sure if you still do, which means if you don't have gold but have a sub for either one of those services you would need AN ADDITIONAL service on Xbox 360 just to stream. Not the case with PSN and their Playstation platforms.

darthv723177d ago

but what is disheartening to me is that netflix has really gone downhill since not reestablishing their deal with Starz.

Al i seem to see is all tv shows now on the new releases. A few newer movies but my interest in the service is really dropping.

I used to use my 360 for netflix streaming but I now use my lg bluray player. So that could be one reason for me to drop gold. Although i do enjoy some multiplayer now and then but not enough to keep the live...alive.

I just reupped my sub for another year. We will see how much i use it this year before I make my decision.

GrandTheftZamboni3177d ago

I don't care about free online gaming and sh*tload of free games with PS+. All I need is cross-game chat and Facebook app. Waa.. Waa...


GuyManDude3177d ago


Do what I do: get Netflix for one month, watch everything there is to watch, cancel for two, resin for one, cancel for two.

$32/year, still get to watch everything.

BattleAxe3176d ago

Optional PS+ with lots and lots of free games and themes > Mandatory LIVE with no free games and maybe the odd free theme.

Play Beyond!
Make Believe!

Blacktric3176d ago

You also need to be a Gold member to be able to use some ingame services. For instance, you can't redeem SHIFT codes for Borderlands 2 if you don't have a Gold account.

saoco3176d ago

@ Blacktric,

what!!! that's just stupid. no, that's too far.

pixelsword3176d ago

Far from dead...

...far from cheap also.

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Elwenil3177d ago

I'm as big of a Sony fan as anyone but taking a look at all the people on Xbox Live playing games, there is no way I could ever claim it was "dead". I may not agree with why people pay for Live, but I can't deny that there are a lot of people on it. With all those people, I don't see how anyone could say it's dead.

BattleTorn3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Roughly about eqaul numbers play on XboxLive vs PSN, no?

At least the online-activity for more AAA games are equal, if not sometimes more (see:COD), on Xbox Live.

caseh3177d ago


Agreed, all the times i've heard 'x is dead' or 'x is dying' yet you will find online communities for nearly any game that has ever had one still in effect.

MSG4 (MGO) is a good example of a game thats apparently dead, logged in the other day for a blast. 4 Years on and I still had no problems getting a game.

I don't even own an Xbox and i'm not naive enough to believe LIVE is dying, its quite a laughable statement really.

Staircase3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )


Considering the Metal Gear Online servers closed in June, I really doubt that.

CandyCaptain3176d ago

@caseh It's dead now, as they patched it out of the game. At least we got trophies out of that. <.<'

caseh3176d ago


I may have exagerated when I said the other day but people were saying it was dead within the first year.

4 years later and it still had an active community right up to the point where the servers closed.

JellyJelly3176d ago

@BattleTorn - Sony do not release numbers on their PSN activity. If you have a source for it please share. All they release is their total number of users, which include PSP, Vita and PC users, as well as multiple accounts.

From what I've read it seems much harder finding people to play with on PSN, sometimes even when it comes to exclusive games. That's something you rarely experience on Xbox Live.

MaxXAttaxX3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Those are very high numbers on both consoles.
BOTH communities are large.

No one is saying that it's literally "dead".

andibandit3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

At the moment the Communities are fairly equal in COD on both systems, with the xbox having around 700k online users at peak hours and the PS3 having around 600k.
I expect the Xbox community to distance itself further since alot of people like me, spent their money on Halo 4 this month and are dying to try out BO2 when i get some money between my hands next month. That and the fact the PS3 Version is to say it mildly, temporarily Fu... Up.

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BattleTorn3177d ago

"minus a couple technical features like chatting,"

I nearly split my gut. LMAO.

""minus a couple technical features" ... "like chatting"

BAHAHAHA. Do you know how much I am in a Party-Chat? More than I game! (cause I enter one before I launch a game, or remain in one while changing games)

If I wanted to talk to a friend, who was in-game, on PSN - I'd have to call him!

calis3177d ago

wow...really. You'd have to call him? With, like, a real phone?

HammadTheBeast3177d ago

I can pay $50 for a Skype plan, or use it for free. What's your point?

Shepherd 2143176d ago

Last night me, playing Halo 4, and two other good friends playing Zone of the Enders HD and Madden 13 were all in a party chat talking about how badass Skyfall was and other things for hours. Me being in my mid 20s now and with the few friends anymore that I rarely get to see, Party Chat is pretty crucial for me. You can't do what I just described on PS3, we would all have to compromise on heading to Home or all 3 or 4 of us to be in the same game, which gets annoying at times. Sometimes I just feel like relaxing and not playing anything while I chat while everyone else bitches at black ops 2 and talks to me simultaneously.

Not saying PSN+ is inferior, but there are plenty here that mock Party chat and say it's not that great. To me and hundreds of thousands of others, it is. That's all I want to point out.

HSx93176d ago

Seriously, I use Party Chat so much it's like second nature. It's a pretty big feature if you ask me.

Elwenil3176d ago


Honestly, that sounds like a nightmare to me. My background is mostly PC gaming and we use Teamspeak or Ventrilo which allows anyone to be doing anything while in chat but it always drove me nuts having someone not in the game or in a different game on comms. The idea that half my team can be in a chat with people talking about god knows what instead of coordinating in the game is something I want no part of and many clans I have seen have similar rules.

Army_of_Darkness3176d ago

Using a real phone is sooooo 90's:-) lol!

DarthJay3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

People claiming that a phone is the answer don't get the point. Party chat is amazing, and if it ever comes to PS4, I guarantee you will all wonder how you ever gamed without it and guaranteed be the first singing the praises.

kreate3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )


That's Cuz some ppl actually do want it while the rest of the gamers would be happy Cuz its a single blow to shut the mouth or fingers of the Xbox fanboys claiming a cross game chatting feature is worth the money.

Ps3 has cross game chat. Its text activated while Xbox live is voice activated.

Wtf? Psn has cross game chat? I must be nuts huh?

EDIT: if its just "party chat" ps3 has it in the form of both text and voice up to 16 ppl.

MaxXAttaxX3176d ago

Seriously, you guys are trying too hard.

PS Vita offers Party-chat for free. Up next PS4.

It's time to stop claiming that party-chat is worth $60 every year.

MRMagoo1233176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

The last thing i want when trying to strategise with a team is other ppl in chat talking about a tv show they watched last night or the game they are playing, trying to say that is a good idea is beyond a joke.

Also whats up with everyone saying the games are on loan i have 4 games from ps+ and i only got them during the free time they gave me to try it and the games still work months on ??

pixelsword3176d ago

Some people say using a phone is no bother.

Other people say getting up to change a disc is no bother.

Different Strokes for different folks.

Gaming_Guru3176d ago

The PlayStation 3 does have cross game game, but it's in a text message format up to 16 people with three chat room up at once, making that 48 people at once.

To be honest I don't really use cross game chat especially playing online because it defeats the purpose. I think it's an overly hyped feature, like backwards compatibility, the majority will most likely not use it. Microsoft even removed that feature for Netflix without any complaints.

MysticStrummer3176d ago

I honestly wouldn't use cross game chat. I ignore psn text messages and my phone when I game. For single player stuff I want to be immersed in the world as much as possible. For multiplayer I want to talk about the same game to people who are playing the same game. If I want to "chat" I get in a party chat outside a game, but otherwise my mic is used for strategy and the occasional trash talking when I'm doing well.

OT - Hell no XBL isn't dead. That's just stupid. Yet another classic N4G headline that's designed to get hits. I wish people would do what I do and refuse to play along with this crap. If it didn't work to get hits it would go away or at least become much less frequent.

Shepherd 2143176d ago


Okay? Maybe it's a nightmare for you but it's a blessing for me.

It's the games fault if they don't require you to exit party chat to talk to teammates. CS GO requires you exit party chat to play, so does Dark Souls and certain COD playlists. If people wanna stay in party chat and not talk to you in game then they aren't as serious about the match as you anyway and it never mattered to begin with.

You don't need to communicate while playing single player madden or FFA halo 4 anyway so why not join a party chat with someone dicking around in AC3 and talk about how michael bay is F-ing up TMNT?

cooperdnizzle3176d ago

Cool story man. The main thing is most people who are gamers are in fact gamers, they don't want to chat like a little girl on a phone , they want to play there game end of story. gaming is about gaming, get a phone..

BitbyDeath3176d ago

@Sherperd, i can see where your coming from, i personally wouldn't use it but can understand why others would.

The bigger question is if PSN get it free on PS4 (as Vita has it now) then don't you think MS should stop charging?

Also if Sony can offer it for free then don't you think MS should not be charging right now as well?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I hope sony does big things with gaikai.

They are using their new moneys to support it.

Next gen I will be a psn & still be a steam user. great times.

MS is the closest to being like apple out of the three companies. imo.

Hell they compete with apple also.

lol I wish steam tried to charge for multi-player. lol it would have one user per day, 80 petitions and would get hacked in the same day.

Xbox users are a weird bunch.

aquamala3176d ago

Cloud saves are not free on psn

nukeitall3176d ago

Everybody keeps telling me how PSN is sooo much better, yet it is so much harder to schedule a game with my friends. Especially friends I don't communicate with outside of the online gaming community.

How the heck does PSN people schedule a game?

On XBL, I jump in to the party and when a spot opens up or my friends finish a game, they let me know and I jump in. That makes online gaming with friends sooo much easier.

Can't do that on PSN, so I think most people on par feature wise while PSN gives better value really doesn't use XBL for online gaming *with* their friends.

Nitrowolf23176d ago

"On XBL, I jump in to the party and when a spot opens up or my friends finish a game, they let me know and I jump in. That makes online gaming with friends sooo much easier."

Is that like a feature??
IDK , don't own Xox but I typically just PM them or invite them to a group chat (works in-game).

insomnium23176d ago

LOL you said "jump in" twice.

MRMagoo1233176d ago

i find it very easy to get friends together on the ps3 , if you think its a challenge maybe you should stick to the xbox lol.

MysticStrummer3176d ago

On PSN your friends can let you know when a spot opens with a text, so what you described can in fact be done on PSN.

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ALLWRONG3176d ago

But you don't get all the same features on PSN.

JimmyDanger3176d ago

One thing people never seem to mention about LIVE is that (with the exception of older EA games because they insist on running their own servers) - any game for 360 I've bought - I can play online, regardless of age.

If I pick up any random old launch title - and I have a friend who has it too, and we want to play online together - no worries. A game of ChromeHounds anyone (a 3rd party game that came out 6 years ago)? Not a problem. A game of Motorstorm Pacific Rift (a 1st party game that came out 4 years ago) - out of luck, grab a black texta and cross that "online multiplayer" checkpoint off the back of the case.

That's another network maintenance/infrastructure thing that makes the $5 a month worth it to me. And as someone with widely varied taste in games, who is prone to nostalgia on occassion - it suits me.

Not to say PS+ isn't a great service - just putting it out there.

DragonKnight3176d ago

That's probably a case of P2P servers vs Dedicated servers. It's a known fact that Live games typically use P2P more than Dedicated and vice versa for PSN. I don't know, I'd rather have the less lag and better stability myself.

killerhog3176d ago

Hey you wanna play phantasy star universe? Oh... The servers were shut down. Guess ill play resistance: fall of man (a game that came out 6 years ago).

Also, last time I checked, Ms didn't have many genres the ps3 does. Compete with LBP? Nope. Compete with god of war? Nope. Compete with mod nation racers? Nope. So you must have a very small diverse taste in games. Or do you mean you have a widely varied taste in shooters? Cause that's was sells the most and releases the most on the 360.

Also, a lot of the old classic games from the past, can also be bought on the ps3. Yeah Xbox has some exclusive oldies, but so does the ps3.

So to end this, I'm not saying the 360/XBL is a bad service, but just putting it out there.

JimmyDanger3175d ago


I've got kart racers and platformers. Those genres aren't exclusive to Sony man.

I believe Sony has more first party shooters than MS anyway this gen.

NeverEnding19893176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I think PS+ is a great service and is forcing Microsoft to step their game up next gen.

That being said, online gaming isn't the same without party chat. I went almost a year without a PS3 (it broke, wasn't paying $150 to fix it). It was only after I returned to PSN that I realized how critical Live is to any multiplayer .

Let me give this example. I don't have facebook, I use Live as a social networking tool. I was playing through Fallout: NV a few months back for the 2nd time and spent nearly 2hrs one night playing and catching up with a friend from high school who now lives 9 hours away. I had laready played through the game and didn't need to pay attention to listen to every conversation. I could NEVER picture myself doing this over PSN, where it seems like SONY forces you to stay away from multiplayer.

PS+ is better in terms of value, but Xbox Live is far and away the better service.

ATi_Elite3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Blah hah ha hha hah ha ha funniest thing I heard all year!!!!

Xbox Live is FREE MONEY for Microsoft! It will NEVER DIE!!!

.......and guess what? Next Gen You Sony Lovers will have to pay a Fee too just to play online!

Sony is losing money from it's other business ventures and watching MS make all that FREE Money from Xbox Live has got to have Sony Execs scratching their heads!

Even with the Fee Xbox Gamers were online more than PS3 owners! Xbox Live = FREE Money for MS!

SamPao3176d ago

If you think Sony's going to charge next gen you must be out of your mind.
The vita is out, it has crossgamechat, guess how much you have to pay... Zero.

MasterCornholio3176d ago

And for one subscription we have access to plus on 2 platforms.

The other day I downloaded Chronosphere and Uncharted on my Vita. Plus ever since I got plus I have a collection of over 10 PS3 games for free.

Xbox live might be better in some aspects but plus provides a lot more value with the extra content. Like Kaz said PlayStation plus was created with the gamers in mind.

Motorola RAZR i

Motorola RAZR i

killerhog3176d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't say there's more people playing online on the 360, as majority only play shooters on the 360. You have to include games of other genres that sell more and have a bigger community on the ps3. Examples would be grand turismo (racing), tekken (fighting), mmo's (ms xbox 360 doesn't have any), create play and share (Ms doesn't have any), you get the point?

Sony is also making free money of off Ps Home, but you blind individuals declare that "dead" then add in Ps+ etc..

shempo3176d ago

die or not fact is ps+ is way better than live for the last 2years get over it

TAURUS-5553176d ago

PSN is by fay the best service and its free ¡¡¡ RIP xbox live.

Anon19743176d ago

Ridiculous title. Of course XBL isn't "dead". If anything, it's thriving and guess what? It can do that even if a competitor also offers a similar service. Imagine that. Two products co-existing without one killing off the other. Who knew?

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ShadyDevil3177d ago

Although I do agree slightly, because PSN+ is a better service, it is a service though. You essentially REQUIRE XBOX LIVE to properly run your 360. However it does give back with their recently booming REWARDS program. Granted it doesnt give full $60, $40, $20 stuff for free like PSN+ does...or massive discounts but it still gives slight amounts back.

Although PSN+ is a superior service than XBL (Gold) I wouldnt say XBL is dead since the fanbase is still astronomical.

GillHarrison3177d ago

I love PSN+, but I still perfer Xbox Live only because of the party system.

WetN00dle693176d ago

And the a stable connection AND No Maintenance!
Just those two features alone make it XBL>SEN.

DragonKnight3176d ago

"And the a stable connection AND No Maintenance!
Just those two features alone make it XBL>SEN."

What? You can't be serious. I think you forgot the /s when you said "stable connection" and "no maintenance."

Yeah, that must be it.

NYC_Gamer3177d ago

How is it dead?millions of gamers are paid members.

ShadyDevil3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

It was a metaphorical the article. It compares Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold to PSN+ what they offer and such. PSN+ is a better service in the end as it straight up gives free games. for $60, you get your moneys worth ($60 a year) in the first month. Not to mention discounts, betas, first dibs on demos and certain releases and Day 1 Digital. Oh and cloud save storage (which is also offered on Xbox Live Gold)

NYC_Gamer3177d ago

100% agree,PSN+ is the better service value wise because of all the discounts and games they pass out to members...

Ben_Grimm3177d ago

PSN+ has Live beat when it comes to offering games. But everything else you mentioned like demos (which is standard), discounts and digital DL's are offered the same on Live.

SonyStyled3177d ago

i think PS+ is $50 a year, $17.99 for 3 months

FunAndGun3177d ago

It is Playstation Plus



There is no Playstation Network Plus

There is no PSN+