Next gen consoles will be maxed out in within an hour

The Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will be maxed out by developers within an hour, Hitman: Absolution game director Tore Blystad has said.

"Every time you get a new piece of hardware, within an hour you max it out as a developer; that's just how it is," he explained. "You keep pushing it right to the max, every time a new system comes out you have to make a bucket for who is getting what from the memory and performance. Is the audio getting a lot? The animation? The A.I.? They're fighting for resources and this fight is very healthy because it will make people optimize the different elements of the game.

"Of course, it's great to get more power, but it's very quickly going to be sucked up by any kind of part of development. That's always the problem, right?"

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SynGamer2926d ago

No they won't. What people don't understand is it ALL depends on the game engine and the developers. That's why Uncharted 1 looked great...and then U2 looked even better. Oh, and then U3 looked amazing. But wait, The Last of Us somehow looks better than U3.

It's all about refining the game engine and being clever with what you have to work with. There will always be a better way to do *something*, that will lead to improvements.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32926d ago

Have any of you developed a game or worked on game development?

JellyJelly2926d ago

Maxing out isn't the same as optimizing. Maxing out is about using all the resources available, not about utilizing them as cleverly as possible.

Read the article.

SilentNegotiator2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

What Jelly said. Games looking better is about optimizing, not using all of a systems resources. They WILL "max out" hardware on go number one.

But hey, how nice of you to think that you know better than a GAME DEVELOPER about the technical aspects of GAME DEVELOPMENT.

darthv722926d ago

has a valid point. I mean we can look at the quality of games that launch with a platform and compare them with the ones at or near its end.

Its the same hardware from start to finish but the programming got better because they learned how to wring out more textures on screen or find tricks to compensate for any restrictions.

It has been this way for years. Just compare the graphical fidelity of a game like altered beast on the genesis to a game like rangerX. Yeah they are totally different types of games but they are made to play on the same hardware. The level of detail on rangerX and amount of scrolling is above and beyond what they thought the platform could do when it was released.

It takes time and dedication but we are seeing a development cycle where WE as gamers are getting pushy for releases instead of letting these guys finish their product. It could also be the pressure of the bigger companies to meet deadlines forcing these devs to cut corners as well.

i feel bad for the real hard workers (the programers) because they are stuck in the middle. They are being tasked with making a quality product but as cheap as they can. Which is what usually leads to improving on a formula they previously used. Refining and optimizing their code to do stuff that it hadnt before or do it better than before.

As to the next gen hardware, I think people will really be surprised when it does not represent the typical generational leap in specs but is more in line with converging more features into one box than before.

we are in a modern society of convenience and playing games on these machines has been the same for over 30 years. Consumers are wanting more than that and just by looking at the additions to the ps3 and 360 we can see they really like a platform that does more.

A bump in specs...yes, but the real difference is the more these platforms can provide as a service to the consumer.

SilentNegotiator2926d ago

has a valid point"

Except completely off topic and with a clear indication that he doesn't understand the terminology.

What Tore said is totally correct. They will "max out" any new systems right away. They will use all of the system's raw resources.

The point that syngamer THINKS he is making, against the GAME DEVELOPMENT EXPERT is that games can be optimized. Which wasn't Tore's point at all.

Bereaver2926d ago

It depends on what he means by max out. By the article he's talking clearly about the hardware and not about possible graphics.

BitbyDeath2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'd say he is wrong.

Resistance 1 didn't come anywhere near maxing out the PS3 and that was one of PS3's best looking launch titles.

Motorstorm also only used about 10-20% of the machines capabiltiies.

2926d ago
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DoomeDx2926d ago

In order words, Optimization is key.

HarryMasonHerpderp2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

There are loads of games that look better this side of the console lifespan than the beginning of it because developers get better with the hardware as time goes on.
Not sure what this guys on about to be honest =/ lol

SolidStoner2926d ago

I understand what he is talking about, it will be maxed out in a hour in a way... but still over a time developers will learn to use it more professional, optimize and learn new ways to do same stuff with eating less system resources.. he meant that if you make game in a fast lazy way, you can max out anything...

SynGamer2926d ago

I haven't read the article because the sensationalism title was all I needed to see to know what the author was trying to accomplish. Of course the devs will max out (or come close) with first-gen games. It's like build...well...anything. The first time will always take longer, not look quite as good, and cost more. With each revision you learn new ways to do "this" or "that". There really was no need for the article author to point out the obvious.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@first post
Third party devs only optimize to a certain degree. So in a way he is right.

3rd party devs rely more on raw power.

Assassins creed 3 is on pc,ps3,xbox 360 & now wiiU.
Also they said they plan to support ps3 & 360 after ps4 and 720 are out.

So they will be developing for pc, ps3, 360, ps4, 720 & wiiU.

Imagine them trying to be clever and really learn everything about each piece of hardware. This would cost more time and money & probably wouldn't make them more money(keep in mind next gen development cost).

Also as far as playstation goes. They will know the hardware form day1.

Sony Boss Revealed Developers Will Help Build Next PlayStation

"Sony: Devs to help build the next PlayStation"

aslo if this is true then sony is already helping devs get the most out of it.

fun fact: only Hard Drives in the world that come in 256gb are ssd's..

so Basically I am saying if the consoles are not powerful enough the 3rd party devs that have to do more than 1st party devs will hit there potential limit fast.

1st party developers will always have the best looking games since they work only with one piece of hardware.
If bethesda was only working on ps3 the ps3 version of skyrim would be less buggy I guarantee you that.

FrostByte 2 will probably give new consoles a real push imo.

This console cycle has been so long devs are already prepared for it with new engines.

SynGamer2926d ago

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you (but I am), however, since you bring up Ubisoft;

Assassin's Creed 3 > Assassin's Creed 2 > Assassin's Creed 1

It's a simple fact that game developers will always find a way to get more out of the hardware with each new game/product that release.

vortis2926d ago

I could be wrong but I really doubt the UE4 and Luminous Engine will be pushed to their full potential on the PS4 and 720, just based on the leaked specs of both consoles and based on what we've seen from both engines.

I get the feeling that 3rd party devs will have to do A LOT of optimization to get the most out of the next gen consoles for truly next-gen games. Also, expect multiplatform titles down-scaled from the 720 and PS4 to look like utter garbage on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Irishguy952921d ago

No Syngamer, they don't get more out of the hardware, the hardware is static. They learn to utilise it better.

Suitcase argument that has been used for years ~

The suitcase remains the same, but you can fit more depending on how well you fold the cloths.

Or something of that sort...

kevnb2926d ago

I dont think you understand what he means, its not about how good it looks its about pushing the machines to the max. It can be done easily, and it will be done so that they know what they are working with.

emartini2926d ago

Whats COD's engines exuse then??It always looks like trash and never looks any better.

hennessey862926d ago

Looks quite nice and even when you turn on 3d it looks good

floetry1012926d ago

Visuals aren't the game's prerogative, performance is. You have to sacrifice a certain level of visual fidelity in order to maximise frame-rate and control response times. It's as simple as at.

Look at any of the biggest multiplayer FPS's of past 15 years. Visuals come last.

XboxInnovation2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

He's saying it more like this...

When we get a new car we put it on spin barrels and see how fast it goes. Once we know how fast it goes we know what we're working with. However, to get to our destination it will take a few rides before we learn the fastest routes. Similarly how it takes a few games to get the best out of a console.

pangitkqb2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@syngamer Even engine optimization has its limits because of the Law of Diminishing Returns.. I agree with you, however, that Mr. Blystad (of Hitman) is over-generalizing the truth about "maxing out" the next gen.

The article below is a great description of the limits of engine optimization:

SynGamer2926d ago

Good article. This is exactly why I hope the PS4 rumors are true. 1080p 60fps & 3D. If Sony can give developers hardware that can *easily* achieve those targets, then I have high hopes for next-gen. A lot of developers were quoted saying they wish the current-gen consoles had more RAM. And I'm sure they still want more with the new consoles, but really, it's all about the CPU and how much data can be processed.

Real-time calculations are generally "faked" because the current consoles just don't have enough processing power to do that AND output at 720p 30fps, let alone 1080p 60fps and in 3D. I'm not saying next-gen will be 100% real-time calculations, but it sounds like we'll be in for a treat. Especially considering the SDKs should be far more mature this time around than they were early on for the 360 and PS3.

Ultimately, the developers will still "max out" the next-gen consoles, and returns will diminish, but to claim this will happen within the first hour is just...talking out of his ass.

ajax172926d ago

Thats's exactly what I was going to say! Like, yeah dude, Naughty Dog didn't really max out until Uncharted 3.

vortis2926d ago

lol @ fanboys who really think that GTA 5 on the 360 and PS3 will look the way it does in those press screenshots.

I'm going to say Battlefield 3.

And I'm going to point you to this:

Tonester9252925d ago


WTF are you even talking about? I put GTA 5 because of how big the game would be not because of the graphics.

wheresmymonkey2926d ago

So i'm guessing you didn't actually bother reading the article because that's exactly what the guy said.

He stated that they push the thing to breaking point and then spend the rest of the time refining everyhting so it works better. thats just how development of anything works.

Kurt Russell2926d ago

Read the article before commenting SynGamer.

"They're fighting for resources and this fight is very healthy because it will make people optimize the different elements of the game"

It's easy to max out the system, then comes optimising the performance, hence why Uncharted 1 looked better than 2 and yada yada.

greenpowerz2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

That's not untapped power in PS3. Those games you mentioned are simple with linear game design. Sony can even make The Last Of Us 2 look better than 1 if they take the AI character out of the game and make the corridor game even tighter.

Shiny paint has little to do with what people are talking about related to console capability.

GTA4, GTA5, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Halo @4, Horizon, Watchdogs and other games like that are true technical marvels and is in the end what devs are talking about and not Silent Hill type static, linear games.

raymantalk12926d ago

your comment is very childish greenpowerz how old are you ?

Ben_Grimm2926d ago

The article clearly states that optimization is key how could you not see this...wait..

So Syngamer gets a "Well Said" for being off topic and admitting to not reading the article?

Okay, I didn't understand how this site works but now I do. got it.

GraveLord2926d ago

Yes, they will. They may maximize the console, but they they wont' optimize it.

Optimization is how you go from a game like Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2.

jtenma2926d ago

I disagreed Syn, here's why.

What he dev is talking about is similar to a Video Card Stability test for a PC. Something like Furmark.

What that does is test as much as possible loads on the GPU to see if it can remain stable.

Most likely developers don't mind burning out test models if that information can be used to make safer (obviously) and better running applications (optimized games). The later being made AFTER the console has been "maxed out" by the stability test.

So two unrelated topics that lead into each other, I guess...

showtimefolks2926d ago

yeah tell that to bethesda who still can't figure out ps3, also than why didn't we see halo4,uncharted 3 quality games at launch if the devs are so smart to figure this thing out?

also why doesn't hitman look better when you could have maxed out the system?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

that's just dumb. its the age of internet people can learn stuff. if anyone has been gaming for 15-20 years they know a lot more than you think.

simple question look at games in 2005-2006 and now and see the difference so if developers could figure out how to use the system to its max why didn't we get the best quality games at launch? and that is why wii-u won't be used to its max for atleast 2 years till everyone can understand how it works in a positive and negative way

OhMyGandhi2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I agree with SynGamer.
"Black" is a good example.

ALLWRONG2926d ago

SynGamer he kinda said that?

HardCover2926d ago

Didn't even read the one question. Go ahead and read it. You'll see how completely idiotic it is to say "no" in response to that. It's remarkably stupid.

Rush2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I don't think people understand the difference between hardware being maxed out and games looking better over time.

Hence why dumb ass comments get so many agrees, someone could make a simple benchmark for a day one console launch and max out the hardware.....

Prime95 a simple CPU temp/stability testing piece of software less then 1MB in size maxes out any CPU on the market.

Games looking progressively better has nothing to do with maxing out hardware, maxing out hardware is simply running the hardware at full throttle so that it can't possibly give any more which has nothing to do with the visual quality of a game.

T3MPL3TON 2926d ago

@SynGamer: He's actually telling the truth. They max it out on purpose. To see what the limits are. They'll create in house tech/animation demos just to push the system to it's limits from there they fraction the resources out as he said. People have no idea how taxing really great sound can be. The little things eat up resources. This is why some games have so/so graphics and great sound or vice versa. The thing is as time goes on they learn little tricks to make you think something looks better than it actually does. They call it smoke and mirrors but it's really just blurring and high pass filters.

KwietStorm_BLM2926d ago

I don't know why you got all the agrees and a well said, when you didn't comprehend what the guy was saying. You actually kinda even explained it yourself. Using what's given to you and optimization are 2 different things.

Tzuno2926d ago

You just saved me a long comment :). I agree.

Eyesoftheraven2926d ago

That's what this means, "They're fighting for resources and this fight is very healthy because it will make people optimize the different elements of the game."

Bobby Kotex2926d ago

Apparently you and the n4g community missed the point. Maxing out the system is independent of how optimized a game engine is. They're maxing it out at the beginning, but get better at using the resources over time.

Picnic2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

'Community'! It's generally a bunch of people who give a lengthy, well considered post a Disagree on the grounds that they didn't have the brainpower to understand it - or that it insults their pseudo intelligence. They appoint a handful of people who they regard as 'N4G legends' and give them a ludicrously high number of Agrees for their simplistic statements. And this is somehow elevated above what must be a considerable number of better written gaming websites. But that doesn't matter presumably because it is somehow more egalitarian to pat the medicore on the back more enthusiastically for their bullshit statements. And so I will get loads of Disagrees just for not being friendly. If you want friends get real ones.

Tei7772926d ago

Sorry but what @SynGamer said is more or less fact... The 30+ people who disagree need to have several seats!

SyWolf2926d ago

No, they instantly max out the hardware. They just better utilize what the system can do over tme which is why Uncharted 2 look better then 1. Uncharted 1 maxed out the hardware, but they optimized the crap out of their code which is why Uncharted 2 looks better. Maxing out the hardware doesn't mean games can't look better on the system.

N4g_null2926d ago

You guys are still confusing art with tech or code.

Uncharted's code never got better beyond small tweaks. It's art did. It still ran under 30 fps. Most of the time framerate was simply lowered.

Awesome_Gamer2926d ago

@SynGamer: Well said, i don't understand how can he say they will be maxed out within minutes, The Last of Us looks a generation better than Uncharted 1 and both use the same engine. :/

LocutusEstBorg2926d ago

Sorry none of those games had good graphics. All they had was good artwork. The graphics sucked. The textures were horrible with no filtering and objects were horribly jagged with no anti-aliasing and it ran at some pathetic resolution like 800x600.

thawind2926d ago

@SynGamer Bubble for that.. many developers don't really change their engine throughout the life cycle of games console.

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Intentions2926d ago

Devs say this everytime, devs will always find ways to 'max' the console during their game development, when they make other games they will find out another way to 'max' the console for the games they make.


SynGamer2926d ago

Not sure why someone disagreed. It's true, developers generally "max out" the platform they are working on...not because they've used everything they can, but simply because their game engine and methods leave a lot to be optimized over the coming years.

That's why Naughty Dog said they maxed out the PS3 with Uncharted 2...and then again with Uncharted 3. U3 was clearly a major improvement both visually and gameplay-wise. And early indications point to The Last of Us being a further improvement upon their previous work.

OmniSlashPT2926d ago

I dont understand why people disagree. Its not only about the graphics. Tell me one PC game that has graphics, art style, animation and technology as the plane sequence in UC3? Or the boat sequence with dynamic ocean waves? Real time fire with the burning chateau? What about those sand particles? Im not even mentioning the characters animations that humiliate any pc game out there.

PC has 'better' graphics, but that doesnt mean it makes it more beautiful. You can have an hyper realistic painting but people would prefer Monet style because it's prettier, it has an unique art style and some meaning behind it. That's why Journey is nominated for Best Graphics at this years VGAs.

bubblebeam2926d ago

In other words, they max out the consoles power witht what they have to work with (their engine etc).

Of course the title isn't trying to say that they won't improve the efficiency in which they work with the available power of the console, just that when ever a developer releases a game, that is generally them maxing it out.

TheLyonKing2926d ago

Game Director's rarely have much insight on the the actual hard coding of a machine so I would listen to a dev over him and even then no one has got to grips with them yet so nobody can tell that.

N4g_null2926d ago

That would be wrong. You have to know how to write code now.

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talisker2926d ago

I was just thinking about buying Hitman but when I read such nonsense coming from its dev, I now have doubts if this game runs well on PS3. I'll wait then. Oh well, Mr Blystad, you won't be getting my money then. Next time think twice, man.

PersonMan2926d ago

It runs great on all 3 systems.

Steady framerate at 30fps
No screen tearing
Looks great

I'd go ahead and pick it up for PS3 if I were you. It's a pretty fun game. You play the missions however you want.