PS3 Interface Demo

Wondering how you'll be interacting with your PS3 once you manage to actually get your hands on Sony's next generation console? If you have a PSP, you'll have a good idea of the system's basic Cross Media Bar (XMB) interface, but today Sony Japan provided a close-up look at the specific PS3 version. Point your browser here to see all the icons for yourself.

Since the site is in Japanese, here's a guide. From left to right, the icons are as follows. Appearing below the main headers are the options that will appear when you select the individual icons.

wiggles6666466d ago

I don't want to start any wars here, but "PLAYERS WITH WHOM YOU'VE PLAYED"? Is that really what it says? They couldn't have come up with a shorter way of saying that, like um...recent players perhaps? I'm assuming that since this is translated from Japanese that there isn't really a "PLAYERS WITH WHOM YOU'VE PLAYED" section, but if there is...wow, that's just bad. Maybe instead of "messages" it could say, "WRITTEN VERSIONS OF SPOKEN WORDS WHICH HAVE BEEN SHIPPED ELECTRONICALLY TO YOU BY PLAYERS WITH WHOM YOU'VE PLAYED."

~Again, don't want to start any flame wars, I just found this really funny.

sparco6466d ago

That made me chuckle wiggles lol. Funny guy.

Brilliant lol.

sparco6466d ago

Im actually quite disappointed with that. Its basically a straight port of the PSP menu. Someone said earlier, "Sony are innovative" well if that statement is true, then whats up with the menu? Do ya all see what im saying though? Its boring.

kingboy6466d ago

the must be a major reason why the interface looks more like a psp one.Don`t forget the psp will be remote to this thing..virtually interacting with ur ps3 music, videos u name it.keeping both interfaces thesame kinda makes more sence


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GamerRN4h ago

Is there anything they can really do to fix this franchise?

just_looken3h ago

Though i agree the truth is that it always sells well and then millions are made in ultimate team.

GamerRN2h ago

Because there is no competition


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PRIMORDUS1d 4h ago

Shadow of the Colossus and Ico should be remade in UE5. I know Shadow of the Colossus was in 2018 but I say remake both of them for PS5 and PC.

isarai1d ago

The remake and Blupoints in house engine is more impressive as a whole than anything ive seen from UE5 so far. Id rather they stick to their own engine.

Cacabunga7h ago

SoTC doesn’t need another remake.. last one was awesome


Fine let it be Bluepoints engine. The whole point I was trying to make was I would love them both to be remade for PC since the PC never had them to begin with (I threw in PS5) and now that Sony is bringing over their games it would be awesome.

FinalFantasyFanatic19h ago

I wouldn't mind a PC port even though I own it on PS4, it really doesn't need a remake though.

DarXyde1d 4h ago

Shadow of the Colossus is kind of a perfect game, at least to me.

Man, this has me nostalgic. I know how I'm spending my Sunday evening.

robtion20h ago

It's really timeless. Put SOTC together with The Last Guardian and ICO and you have one amazing trilogy. I think Fumito Ueda is a genuine auteur.

chicken_in_the_corn1d 4h ago

I tried the remake but couldn't get into it. Time to give it another go.

Elda1d 4h ago

I tried both versions of the game & I can never get past the 4th boss.

Inverno1d 2h ago

Well if anyone else can't get enough of this game you should check out Project Tribute. Basically a fan remake with all the cut colossi for PC.

isarai1d ago

HOLY CRAP!!! why have i mever heard of this?! They even got the worm! Of all the cut ones the worm was the most fascinating to me

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