New PS3 Game Prices

Sony Japan decided to make clear its full launch plans for Japan today, with a set of accessory announcements and final pricing details for the system's launch titles. While Japanese game prices tend to have little to do with their US counterparts, there's been some concern that PS3 game prices would be on the high end, so it's worth taking a look. All prices include 5% consumption tax.

PS3 launch game prices range from the unexpectedly low to the slightly higher than expected....

Ravenator5296268d ago

IGN should have just kept their mouth shut!

This could have zero impact on how games are priced in the states. I know that they state this in the article, it's just that this will start off an entire bullshit war.

nirwanda6268d ago

IGN have no right what so ever reporting game news
45-70 dollors sounds about right japanese game tend to cost a little more usally anyway

gsquad6268d ago (Edited 6268d ago )

IGN isn't just news for the States, its news for everyone. So IMO this article is fine just dosen't apply to me though.

shysun6268d ago

Good read.They said most of the prices,were the same as the PS2 prices in Japan.I don't think you guys even read the article!:(

Ravenator5296268d ago

And there is one line that stuck out the most IMO.

From the article:

"We'll stress once again that these prices may or may not be reflective of their US counterparts. Stay tuned for US pricing details as the US launch approaches."

This is why I think that they should have just kept their mouth's shut. But I guess any gaming news has to be reported.

zypher6268d ago

ign.com had just as much of a right to speak as all those other sites who were spreading rumors that PS3 games would cost $80-$100 dollars.

andy capps6268d ago

Zypher- Agreed. At least these are concrete numbers, not speculation. The important thing is that they are the same prices as the current gen games, if not cheaper. So, at least from the Japanese pricing, it doesn't appear to be the doom and gloom of $80-100 that some people had been predicting for the past few months. I am still thinking that US pricing will be $50-60. I am also still thinking that we'll see a lot more "special editions" in the gaming industry from all of the software publishers as the industry is becoming more like the film industry. The film industry has been doing "special editions" for a while now, and it's a huge moneymaker for them, so I expect that you'll see bare bones releases with "special editions" released for $10-20 more with features that should have been included in the regular edition. Or they might have genuine special features that add to the gaming experience, and that I would be all for.

The Milkman6268d ago (Edited 6268d ago )

The games prices could be ok for the most part. I just keep my mouth shut on that until it is confirmed.


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