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Every day’s great at your Junes. You’ll hear that a lot when you play Persona 4 Golden. But is it, really? Your parents leave you in a tiny little country town for a year, you’re thrown into a new house, a new school, an extended family you barely know — oh, and people are dying. How is this great?

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dbjj120882864d ago

The best game on the Vita in Japan is also the best game on the Vita in America.

knifefight2864d ago

Whatever gets more people playing this game, I'm all for it. Too many people skipped this one over in 2008 because it was a PS2 game -- a crime against RPGs, I say!

Just like Persona 3, this is an awesome game in its original form and it got even better portable. So great.

decimalator2864d ago

Yeah. I have to say, it's now one of my favorite games. I might even buy the game card version just so I can keep playing it without it eating up 3GB on my memory card for the rest of time

dbjj120882864d ago

That is a crime against RPGs. My favorite RPG of possible all time.

decimalator2864d ago

I'd suggest the physical copy. The PSN version is over 3GB, so it's going to eat up precious memory card space. But either way, you won't regret buying it.

boybato2864d ago

Hopefully this is the start of new and exiting JRPGs to come.

kingdavid2864d ago

exiting are you serious? These games definitely should not be exiting the games industry. We need more of them i say.

decimalator2864d ago

I've already played this game more than I've played any other holiday season title. That even counts my whole Black Ops 2 review, zing!

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