Reported technical issues with PS3 demo stations

Sony, attempting to showcase the capabilities of the PS3 to consumers, has found itself at the center of more controversy. The erratic performance of PS3 demo stations caused analysts to question the stability of the PS3 and contribued to Sony's stock plunge yesterday.

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Marty83705910d ago

This mention's no such problems with kiosks in stores.The title is very misleading,as the article referers to TGS not the demo kiosks in the stores.

rj815910d ago

Yes, I'm making stuff up... by linking to an article. I didn't even mention "in-store kiosks." Clearly, you're the one making stuff up. I said demo stations.

Marty83705910d ago

Sony spokeswoman Nanako Kato said any problems at the Tokyo Game Show, where Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo showed off rival offerings under the same roof, were likely caused by one-of-a-kind temperature irregularities.

About 200 PlayStation 3 units were clustered together in close proximity and housed in kiosks that concentrated the heat generated by their processors and provided poor ventilation, Kato said. Overheating under such circumstances is a common affliction at trade shows, afflicting not just Sony products but those of its competitors, she said.

“It's not a problem with the PlayStation 3 unit itself,” Ms. Kato said. “For a normal player at home, there shouldn't be any problem.”

Sony is sticking to its plans to ship 2-million PlayStation 3 units by year's end and 6-million by March 31, 2007, she said.

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp. rushed its next-generation Xbox 360 to Japanese markets last year to get a head start on its rivals, but it has seen sluggish sales in Japan, which is one of the world's biggest video game markets but one in which players have a deep loyalty to homegrown Sony.

zypher5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

to judge whether or not this bears any merit, i would like to know if every single 360 or Wii demo station performed to 100% capacity, or if any of them had tecnhical issues?

Liverpool4ever5910d ago

every post i read of you including both ps3 and xbox 360 you can clearly see that you defend ps3. If this article is true, so what? What matters is if the PS3 will have problems when it comes out......

RuffRyder5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

Keep up the good work man crazy ken is proud of you, your his favourite GIMP. Keep going and you may replace his wife one day.

Karibu5910d ago

Why the misleading picture there???
Are you really that much of fanboy to take old news and downplay PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.