Latest Podast from 2/15/2008

N'Gai "She Hulk" Croal joins the new Fantastic Four for a lengthy discussion of Army of Two, No More Heroes, celebrity developers, the January NPDs, and Resistance 2. Settle in, it's a long one this week

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TheHater4601d ago

Oh my got. I can't wait for Final Fantasy VII: Cris Core.
After hearing what he had to say about the game, I cannot wait any longer.

Mr_Kuwabara4601d ago

I hear ya man.

Last game I bought for my PSP was Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness but that was a while back now. I haven't used my phat PSP in a while now. (Besides for watching Porn)

But this month is time for some Pata action, then next month starts with a bang with God of War action, and to finish the month of March with a Big Bang that is Crisis Core.

Can't wait. =P

Lifendz4601d ago

but I was going to get it anyway.

TheHater4601d ago

It look like we are also getting an Army of Two demo.

Asurastrike4601d ago

How is this news? This Podcast came out on Friday, it's Monday now.