Downloading All-Stars Vita Version Might Just Give You An Error

Recent owners of the highly anticipated PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale might have a Vita to play their title on the go. While many people will try to download it on their PlayStation Vita you might just be greeted with an error code. Error 80025A30 will prevent people from downloading their cross-buy game.

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Godchild10202925d ago

I only got that error because my PS3 wasn't updated to the later firmware 3.41. Once I got it updated, I had no problems.

The question is how do I get the preorder DLC to download on my Vita?

andrewf912925d ago

I believe the DLC should be included once you install the Vita version on your Vita.

blitz06232925d ago

Not sure but maybe you can check the PS Store on the Vita and download it from there. That's if you already downloaded it on the ps3

andrewf912924d ago

To all the Disagrees, I was only assuming! I wasn't 100% sure if they were included already.

mistajeff2925d ago

likewise, updated ps3 firmware and all was well.

NBT912925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Yeah Superbot commented about that on Facebook, earlier. May as well post it here, if anyone wanted to see it...

"SuperBot Entertainment
Quick note: If you're getting an error message when trying to redeem your Vita copy of All-Stars from the PS3 disc, make sure your system software is updated to version 4.31.

Here's a link to the PlayStation KB article:



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Enmson2925d ago

i have a problem i pre orderd by psn but didnt get the pre order costumes i only have the theme. anybody know what to do?

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