Sony Controller Dubbed 'Sixaxis'

Sony Computer Entertainment International has officially revealed the name of the PlayStation 3 controller as "Sixaxis"; Japanese PS3 peripheral pricing and PSP bundles also announced.

It wouldn't make much sense anymore to call a PlayStation controller a DualShock, as the rumble features have been dropped. The new controller name refers to the oft-touted "six degrees of freedom" that is offered by the PS3's tilt-enabled controller.

The wireless controller features a USB port for optional wired play, Bluetooth capabilities and will sell in Japan for 5,000 yen ($42) beginning at the PS3 launch on November 11.

Sony will also sell a memory card adapter used to upload data from PS or PS2 memory cards to the PS3 hard drive. That peripheral will go for 1500 yen ($13) and will be available at launch as well.

A Blu-ray/DVD movie controller will also be in the accessory mix, selling for 3600 yen ($31).

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