The Wii U Might end up Being the 'PS1' of its time

By Furious Francis editor-in-chief of

The Wii was Nintendo's most successful home console ever. Its nearing 100 million units sold worldwide and pioneered motion control technology for the mainstream consumer. Despite Nintendo's success, a majority of 3rd Party developers did not enjoy the same success Nintendo had selling their games to the fanbase. There is concern that, that trend will continue with Wii U, but like Lee Corso would say "Not so fast my friend". The Wii U is a whole different beast than the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and Wii. To relegate the Wii U to suffer the same fate is not only premature but an uneducated statement. The Wii U will have many developers developing games for the system, especially Japanese developers. It could actually become the PS1 of the next generation.

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Stuart57562159d ago

Don't click link, Virus!!

ElectricKaibutsu2159d ago

What link? The article is fine.

Outside_ofthe_Box2159d ago

For real? I'm so tempted to click, but I don't want to risk. What should I do?

bigfish2159d ago

I wasn't going to click, then i thought "what the hell this is a joke", and clicked it!!....... it's a blooming Virus!!

cannon88002159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

@ Outside_ofthe_Box

Just relax, lie down on your bed, and take a nice warm nap.

Trunkz Jr2159d ago

It's all about the games.

Look at Black Ops II on PC and compare to consoles, not a huge difference yet a PC blows away the consoles in specs. Even if the PS4/360 destroy the Wii U in specs it means nothing since any game company can now port to all 3 consoles (unlike the old Wii). We already know the Wii U has some great exclusives, I'm excited to see what the other 2 can pull out :)

mcstorm2159d ago

I agree it has a Java Virus. If your AV has not picked it up after clicking the link run a AV and spyware scan.

Theyellowflash302159d ago

I went with a different ad company, I removed all their ads Im soooooo sorry guys

mcstorm2159d ago

Theyellowflash30 seems to be ok now thx.

Qrphe2159d ago

I like how this doesn't matter to me either way because I'm using Ubuntu.

SilentNegotiator2159d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Here's a cookie.
Now for my snarky comment....

More like the DREAMCAST of it's time.

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KingOptimusAscend1112159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

No it won't. Just don't see it happening.

donman12159d ago


Yes it will. The author of the article brought up very good points. Wii U will be the RPG preferred console of choice (that allow will make it own the Jap market). Nintendo is also being very smart with letting developers set their own price for their download content and Nintendo will not charge any fees for developers to distribute patches and DLC content (Microsoft and Sony do) which will make their platform very attractive for developers. Time will tell but I see how one can make that comparison at this early stage.

Abdou232159d ago

Maybe SONY & Microsoft will follow Nintendo on the points you mentioned.
The way i see it, next PS/Xbox will be 4-5 times powerful than WiiU and it will not have the success the Wii did.

All Sony & Microsoft needs to do is to announce the next gen. consoles right now ( they should have done it earlier tbh ) so people who already own current gen consoles would hold off on buying the WiiU and wait for the next gen consoles.

It will be the same case of the PS2/Dreamcast.

kneon2159d ago

If they announce the next gen consoles now then sales of current gen consoles will plummet. They won't announce any sooner than they need to.

MegaLagann2159d ago

Just don't see it happening isn't a valid argument.

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Picnic2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

There may be a kind of precedent for the situation of the WiiU albeit in very different circumstances.

The Sega Saturn sold 9.5 million consoles and its successor , the Dreamcast, sold 10 million consoles. That seems very harsh sales figures on the Dreamcast as, despite some quirky titles, it was aimed at a much broader audience than the Saturn which specialised in fighting games.

Like the WiiU, the Dreamcast was also regarded by some as a mid generation console, lots of people seeming to go along with the Sony idea of 'the generation starts when we say it does'. Actually I think that the N64 squeezing out some great games late in its life may have also contributed to the DC not getting larger sales.

However if the WiiU replicates this kind of situation then it could expect sales slightly larger than the Wii. But there's one thing that might be a large hinderance to this:
that the original Wii has been seen by many people in retrospect as a Christmas gimmick circa 2006 - a craze that everyone decided to buy in to, many perhaps knowing that it was only a craze.

The Dreamcast situation suggests that the WiiU will need to impress technologically if it wants to get close to the Wii's sales, that we should no longer see shelf after shelf of mini game type games in HD. I don't think that large numbers of people will settle for anything that looks gimmicky twice in a row.

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mcstorm2159d ago

I think the biggest issue with the DC sales is the no security so you could put a boot CD in and boot copied games very easy and I know a lot of people who picked up a DC just for this and did not buy any games for it.

I think the WiiU will sell as much as the 360/PS3 has and if it manages that it will be fine.

Picnic2158d ago

No security on DC would have affected software sales, not console sales. If anything, it would have helped hardware sales (unless stores boycotted it as a result of knowing that they might not sell many games).

But I bet that a sizeable number of people bought the original DC games anyway - it's not like they'd have known loads of people with a DC to get pirated games from.

It's still a relative tragedy for Sega that the Dreamcast, which was evidently as cool as anything, only managed to sell about 500,000 more than the Saturn, whose line up of games was never on the cards to make it a mainstream console.

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