Metal Gear Solid 4 Screenshots

Metal Gear Solid 4 is without doubt one of the biggest games currently in development for PS3, but Solid Snake fans still have around a year to wait before MGS4 arrives, with it currently expected in Q4 2007.

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Organization XII5909d ago

Whaddaya think guys this game now even looks damn much better everytime they show sumthing new....Wow thats pretty damn good looking game...the 360 would no way in hell handle it [email protected] with 4xAA.. haha the 360 would fail hard to handle this 1st generation game...

Antan5909d ago

Yawn............!! would all 360 guy/gals not get into an argument with the original post. Nice shots.

Fuzz McDeath5909d ago

...thats just silly. If course it can. In fact, I'd go so far as to say MGS4, while a beautiful game (if a little bland - BROWN) at this stage in development, is no more impressive than any number of titles coming for 360 in the next few months (GOW, Mass Effect, etc.) - Why do you people have to be so insecure as to define yourselves by hating others? I have a 360, I'll get a ps3 (when the price drops and there are 4 or 5 must have games). If you love MGS4 then PS3 should be your system of choice, but drop this "only ps3 can handle it" nonesense. Its just flat out not true, and a silly argument to begin with. Will PS3 games ultimately prove technologically superior to 360? Maybe, who knows, who cares. God of War 2 for PS2 (radically inferior to any PS3 launch game) will be a much better game to all the PS3 launch games, despite relatively AWFUL graphics.

You people are silly, I hope you're 12 years old, that would be the only excuse that wouldn't make me pity you....

Fuzz McDeath5909d ago

I was typing my comment while you were yours...Not trying to start and argument - just trying to prevent ALL SILLY FANBOY NONSENSE...

BY THE WAY, COLECOVISION IS THE RoXoRs! ALL other consoles suck! (bad joke)

CompGeek5909d ago

If loew-res textures wow you then I guess it would be great. To me it's a big "meh"

Anerythristic265909d ago

I am really not impressed anymore. After seeing GOW , Mass Effect , Assassins Creed and Alan Wake. I'm not impressed by this game anymore. Really.

no_more_heroes5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

I have to give credit where credit is due. This game has some amazing graphics. This game comes the closest to justifying the $600 price tag of all the games I've seen on the PS3. With that said though, I'm just not interested in MGS. It doesn't look like a game that I would like. I just don't like how it plays, especially with its camera angles. I'd rather play a game with a crappy storyline but really really fun gameplay (eg Halo) than a game that has boring gameplay and a good storyline (eg MGS) because with the latter I'm not having fun playing the game itself and that doesn't motivate me to play it to see where the story goes. At least Splinter Cell focuses more on the elements of the type of game it (along with MGS) is supposed to be - A stealth game (Just a quick note that I don't fancy Splinter Cell all that much either, even though Chaos Theory was ok for a stealth game).