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GR: There’s something special about console launches—the wonder of new hardware, new games, and that new, "fresh off the assembly line" plastic smell. But nobody does a new console launch quite like Nintendo. In part, there’s a factor of nostalgia, fondly reminiscing about their five previous generations of hardware, many of which have permanently shaped the industry forever. Another part is in knowing that not only does Nintendo release new hardware, but with it also comes a completely new way to play games. And that right there is why the Wii U is yet another defining moment for the industry.

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alexcosborn2163d ago

Looks good. Definitely not the smoothest launch in the world, but far from a disaster.

dbjj120882163d ago

Some GAMES have had worse launches. I agree, Wii U went out the door and only stumbled a little bit.

doctorstrange2163d ago

Not looking forward to the mega update, but other than that I'm excited.

dbjj120882163d ago

I've heard a range of times for the initial update. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. Hopefully you won't be too badly affected.

doctorstrange2163d ago

I have terrible internet, so I'm not holding my breath.

ftwrthtx2163d ago

Hopefully the Wii U will force Sony to incorporate the PS Vita more thoroughly with the PS3. They can already be connected, and can be used as a second screen with Singstar or used to play games via remote play, so I could see Sony taking this thought to the next level.

zeldatriforceofpow2163d ago

Reviewing ever changing systems is so stupid

doctorstrange2163d ago

Not really. It's a snapshot of how the system is now, right when a lot of people are pondering buying it.

Plus, certain things on it will not change.

deletingthis346753342163d ago

Nothing stupid with reviewing how the system is NOW. So what if the system changes/gets improved in the future, is the system worth buying NOW as opposed to waiting? That is the point these reviews are trying to get across.

ElectricKaibutsu2163d ago

I gotta admit, I'm pretty disappointed about the lack of an accomplishments system. I'm still getting a Wii U of course, but I wish Nintendo would have listened to their fans about this. Maybe they'll add it in an update...

BitbyDeath2163d ago

Sony didn't get it day 1 either so maybe Ninty will add it later on.

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