Sonic's 15th birthday party gets another guest

Sonic's already sharing his next-gen outing on PS3 and Xbox 360 with fellow hedgehogs Shadow and Silver, but the game's official site recently revealed a series of unlockable guest characters - starting with Tails.

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PS360PCROCKS5903d ago

great to see, good ol' sonic

FireAss4ssin5903d ago

Thats cool that Tails will be an unlockable character, also I hope that Knuckles will also be an unlockable character too. That would be pretty sweet

Phil Harrison5903d ago

But not mantatory. Great news!

Well, actually, it'll prob. be like Sonic Adventure where they get their own storylines.

Oh well, NO [email protected] CHARACTERS PLZ SEGA. Kthnxbye.

shortyNZ5902d ago

well with any luck it may turn out better then the totally unplayable demo, i was excited bout this one but im kinda doubtful now, plus tails sucks! oh well...