Top 5 Worst James Bond Games

In this two-part series, we’re going to look at the best and worst Bond games throughout the ages.

Beginning with the five worst Bond games of all time.

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ziggurcat2160d ago

uh... aren't all bond awful?

and before all of you people come rushing in claiming goldeneye is an amazing game - it's garbage, get over your nostalgia.

Valenka2160d ago

Wonderfully spot on article. 007 Racing had an interesting concept but was executed poorly, as was 007 Legends.

PhoenixRising372160d ago

top 4:
1. everything or nothing
2. from russia with love
3. nightfire
4. agent under fire

ambientFLIER2160d ago

Ooh! Nightfire! I spent lots of time on that one...