Touch Gen: QatQi Review

Touch Gen: Word games are perhaps the most widely spread genre in the App Store. It is also one of the few genres that you can play between platforms. Wordfeud for example can be seen on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The chase to create something new is always on, but most attempts are either reskinned versions of Scrabble, or mashups between Scrabble and RPG elements. I have spent months with Wordfeud, Words With Friends, and Hexalex, but those are all about the friends I play against. I have been waiting for a word game to come along to swipe me off my feet, to hook me and to keep me hooked. This has not happened since I started playing Bookworm on my iPhone 3G, but it is never too late to find a new love.

QatQi is the answer to my prayers; it is a word game not trying to take the success of something already in existence. It is something completely new both in terms of gameplay, structure and presentation.

Starting with gameplay it shines by combining elements of word gaming, crosswords and puzzles. One thing it also uses to great effect is exploration. When you start a puzzle you are faced with a blank canvas, and a row of letters below. The starting point is shown, but from that point where you place your first letter you are on your own. The aim of the game is to manage to place all your letters on the board. Initially this is easy with large boards to play without any borders. As the game progresses the levels get more and more intricate. You might have to pass long corridors demanding you to save up for some wicked long word.

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