Sony talks possible Square Enix collab in ‘Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale’

Seth Killian, the Lead Game Designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio, comments on a possible Square Enix collaboration in “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.”

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sinncross2185d ago

I want Cloud! Or Tidus! Or Vivi!

Do it SE!!! Do it now!!!

jujubee882184d ago

Square's Eidos division is publishing that new Lara Croft game.

Lara played a big role in the success of the PS1. Heck, throw in a level mash up from the new game with some other world in PS.

..."Heavy Rain"?

TronEOL2184d ago

I think a Lara Croft and Nathan Drake stage mash-up and rivalry would be more than perfect. That or they have a "Co-op Rivalry" where they fight two others in a story 2vs2 fight.

I know Nathan Drake already has a rival, but this one ACTUALLY makes sense. I don't think I've ever heard a single soul talk about who would win a fight between Nathan Drake and Sly. It's always been Nathan Drake and Lara Croft.

Same goes with the wonky Kratos rivalry and Dante rivalry. It should have been Kratos vs Dante since that was one that was brought up all throughout the PS2 era. I haven't heard anyone mention Dante vs Nariko, or Kratos vs Sweet Tooth.

prototypeknuckles2184d ago

Unfortunately square/eidos said no to Lara in the game:(

Kennytaur2184d ago


The rivalries seem to be in some cases based on the developers. Kratos and Sweet Tooth both come from David Jaffe, Nariko and New Dante are same dev. It's odd that it's not Drake vs Jak, and Sly vs Cole.

ForgottenProphecy2184d ago

IMO, Jak and Drake would be partners, along with Sly and Cole. A cross rivalry between the two as teams would be bad ass.

A heavy rain stage would be perfect, because it probably won't get a character in the game, and I'd rather have Lara Croft than any JRPG character like Cloud. (Never got into FF myself.)

pixelsword2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Here's what will happen:

They'll announce the characters.

Then there will be a delay.

Then, Microsoft will announce some of the characters on their own fighting game.

Then, the other ones will be delayed some more.

Lightning will be on the PS3.

Then the rest will be out on the PS4 the end.

Joking... :D

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camel_toad2184d ago

You know it'll also be another chance for them to throw Lightning into her 18th game.

Zodiac2184d ago

Kratos, ratchet, Nathan, and almost the entire cast have had more games than lightning.

Too soon for these types of comments.

Hicken2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

"Lightning into her 18th game."

Right, cuz this Cloud guy everybody wants has only been in one game. Oh, wait...

And he's also got so much more personality than Lightning. Oh, wait...

Really, guys. Isn't it about time to give the XIII/Lightning hatred a rest?

I'd rather see Squall, or my personal favorite, Rikku. But it's most likely to be Noctis, Lightning, or Cloud. Couldn't Agent 47 also be an option?

THESONYPS32184d ago

Everyone forgets about Noctis Lucis Caelum (FFVS13) Hopefully either Noctis,Cloud, Sora or Lara

Coltrane_C2184d ago

If Tidus or Wakka is in I will jump of a bridge in excitement

Om3ga3702184d ago

Oh man....if Sora or Cloud.....maybe even Auron or Gilgamesh, were in the game...I would shit my pants. This game is already of epic proportions, so this collaboration could only make it AMAZING. :D

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Majin-vegeta2185d ago

As long as it's not that annoying a$$ Lightning i'm fine.

If anyone wants their but handed to them by me PM and i'll send you my PSN ID :D.

miyamoto2184d ago

If ever Lightning comes in for PSASBR make sure you are the first to give her Kratos' This is Sparta Kick on her but, thank you.

If its Lara give her a warm Sackboy hug on the tits.

Thank you, Vegeta-san.

RmanX10002185d ago

Cloud or Lightning please... Cloud would be a better fit though :3

Jinkies2185d ago

Lightning...are you serious

Cloud, Squall, Zidine, Tidus etc should all be put first. Lightning is the last FF character we would want....its called All Stars for a reason

RmanX10002185d ago

She punched Snow. That is all i need to like her.

Godmars2902185d ago

And still I and many others would rather see Snow than her in the game.

Pozzle2184d ago

Snow had his annoying moments, but overall I fond him more likeable than Lightning. I might be alone in thinking this, but I found Lightning (and her lack of personality) to be quite dull.

arronax-12184d ago

You fanboys can't stand having other people happy can you?

Jinkies2184d ago


Not when those fans are in the minority

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Jinkies2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

This talk should of been done ages ago through before the game even started development, especialy when a character like Cloud/Squall are true PS all stars. Its common sense....lets do talks with developers for characters which will be hard to aquire through negotiations

izumo_lee2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Knowing Squarenix this gen it will probably be Lightning or nothing cause they seem so fixated on her character & that Lightning Returns is in development.

I hope Squarenix will finally wake up & give the PS fans the dedication that we deserve for supporting the company even with 'mediocre' games. Having a character like Cloud (heck even Noctis just to give us hope that game still exist) present in PSAS is a good start to mend the fractured relationship with the fan base.

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