Top 10 Iconic Multiplayer Maps

Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly runs down his list of the 10 most iconic multiplayer maps.

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Horny2163d ago

Cant disagree with any of the maps but there a lot of call of duty and socom maps missing. Desert glory, frostfire, fish hook, well actually any socom 2 map deserves to be in that list.

marcmjm2163d ago

No Shipment and no Lockout. Fuck this site.

BinaryMind2163d ago

2Fort should be at least number two on the list because that map really never gets old. It seems like Doom's placing on this list can only be rooted in nostalgia.

Il_Exile_lI2162d ago

You are somewhat correct. The list was "Iconic" multiplayer maps, not "best designed".