Some Wii U Features Load Fast. Others Do Not.

The Wii U's best trick is its lightning fast swap of the graphics on your TV and the graphics on the Wii U GamePad. The Wii U's worst trick is the absurdly slow loading time users have to sit through when accessing the machine's system menu or any of the applications in it.

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FACTUAL evidence2158d ago

Welp, on the bright side, it's not a 600$ console.

Schawk2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

It is on ebay lol and its not even holiday season yet

decrypt2158d ago

"Welp, on the bright side, it's not a 600$ console."

On the Dull side you are paying 300usd for tech that is half a decade old lol. Its a poor deal no matter how u slice it.

ziggurcat2158d ago

welp, on the bright side, nintendo fans have finally (barely) caught up to the rest of the gaming world in terms of tech (and paying too much for tech that's about 6 years old).

Thepcz2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

what nintendo should have done is made the worlds most advanced video games device ever.

they should have made a custom chip with amd radeon that has graphics tech at least 25 years ahead of what is on the market.

They should have used every last penny of their companies muti-billion dollar assets to make the most advanced console ever.

So what if it costs 80,000 pounds at retail! at least ps3/360 fans cant complain its not powerful!

WiiUalpha2158d ago

Yeah it's funny the people complaining the most and trying the hardest to convince people Wii U isnt worth owning don't even own one.

While I can understand prefence because mine will always be PC, I don't feel so threatened by any console that I need to flood that news area with hate like many are doing the Wii U section lately.

lilbroRx2158d ago

Looks at the bubble down and disagrees for saying positive things about the console. This is ridiculous.

Mikito112158d ago

People will complain about anything... "boohoo, a menu won't load in a split second, I'm going to die from waiting 10 seconds.."... How the hell do these people deal when using a microwave?? lol

GraveLord2158d ago

Due to the slow-ass RAM. It may have 4x the amount of RAM on the 360. but the RAM speed is what really matters. GPU will be very limited as well. CPU is no beast.

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